From Building Wild To Superstructure: Engineering Marvels - Here Are 10 Titles You Can Binge This Weekend On Disney+Hotstar If You Loved Rennervations
Enjoyed watching Rennervations? Here Are 10 Titles To Binge Watch On Disney+Hotstar ( Photo Credit – Poster’s )

History is proof that humankind can build great innovations by marrying imagination to the wonders of engineering. This inert wish to build continues and has only magnified over the centuries. Building something new, restoring a vehicle to its original glory, or re-imagining structures continues to excite us. In the newest docu-series Rennervations on Disney+ Hotstar, two-time Academy Award® nominee and Marvel superhero Jeremy Renner does just that to help different communities worldwide, and if you enjoy watching people break and build things, here’s a look at other similar titles on Disney+ Hotstar.


Rennervations embrace Jeremy Renner’s passion for giving back to communities worldwide. The series follows Renner in his journey as he travels the world helping communities by “reimagining unique purpose-built vehicles.”

Cars S.O.S

Master mechanics Fuzz and Tim Shaw have their tasks cut out as they embark on undercover missions rescuing classic cars and returning them to their owners.

Superstructures Engineering Marvels

Streaming on Disney Hotstar is this engineering marvel! From the biggest plane to the tallest building, witness the extraordinary feats of engineering hidden inside the most spectacular man-made constructions.

Building Wild

Paulie and Truffy, the Cabin Kings, meet new clients with a wild piece of property and a dream of building the perfect wilderness getaway.

Superstructures Birsa Munda Hockey Stadium

History in the making: a stadium in the Guinness Book of Records, built in 15 months for 20,000 fans.

Go. EV

This is the story of how Tata Motors is introducing new passenger car formats to align with India’s bold 2030 target to convert 30% of all vehicles to electric.

Extreme Engineering

This Extreme Engineering special is about the fuel network that spans across India and exploring it through the eyes of the people who make it possible.

Mega Factories: Hero

Get exclusive access to Hero MotoCorp, the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturing company that assembles more than 13 billion parts every day.

Mega Factories: Extreme Rollercoaster

Discover how one of the world’s greatest roller coaster factories creates the world’s scariest rides with the help of its master engineers and technicians.

Mega Factories: Super Subway Car

The R-160 Subway car, the newest New York City Transit fleet member, brings 21st Century safety and technological innovations to a mass transit system.

Mega Factories: LEGO

From R&D and engineering to robotic assembly lines, getting behind the scenes at LEGO as a manufacturing plant turns into a playground of imagination.

Take some time out to watch these unscripted, inspiring titles on Disney+ Hotstar.

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