Abhijeet Sawant Says He Was Dissatisfied With His Music, Adds “When You're Running Behind Money…”
Abhijeet Sawant Gets Candid About Music, Investing Money After Indian Idol 1 & More (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Abhijeet Sawant became a household name during his stint as a contestant in Indian Idol 1. After winning the show, the singer became a pretty busy man and was in and out of various shows across the world. In a recent conversation with Chetan Bhagat, Abhijeet got candid about life after taking home the trophy.

While conversing with the writer, the singer spoke about being dissatisfied with his music, focusing mainly on money, sleeping in a car owing to his busy schedule, and much more. Read all about it below.

As reported by Hindustan Times, while interacting with writer Chetan Bhagat, Abhijeet Sawant spoke about how at the peak of his fame he was living out of a suitcase. Stating that he has a very hectic schedule, the singer revealed that he would fly to shows almost on a daily basis. He added that his schedule was so chock-a-block that he would sleep in his car under his house for a couple of hours just to get a feel of home, before heading back to the airport for another show.

When Chetan Bhagat asked if he invested his money well, Abhijeet Sawant said, “I invested well. It was around the time of the 2008 recession, so a lot of the money we’d saved here and there we were realigning. It was a cluster at that point, but I did save well. I bought a house we well, so it was okay. But I was working for money, and I still believe that was one of my biggest regrets.”

On being asked to explain himself, the Indian Idol 1 winner said that before the Covid-19 pandemic, he was dissatisfied with his music. Adding that even though he was working well and making good money, he wasn’t all that happy. He said, “Maybe it’s my thinking, but when you’re running behind money, you have to compromise many things with your talent, your music, your knowledge. I realised that after 35-37, I don’t want to keep saying, ‘What to do, you have to compromise’.”

Abhijeet Sawant also spoke about the culture of showing off in the industry and revealed he too gave in to it. The singer said that he bought an expensive Rolex watch that wouldn’t even fit his wrist during that phase.

Recently, Abhijeet was caught in a controversy when he called out the makers of Indian Idol for favouring sob stories over actual singing talent.

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