House Of The Dragon: Netizens Can’t Handle The Queen Alicent And Ser Larys ‘Foot Fetish Scene, Check Out!
House Of The Dragon: Netizens Can’t Handle The Queen Alicent And Ser Larys ‘Foot Fetish Scene ( Photo Credit – A Still From House Of The Dragon )

Sunday’s episode of House of the Dragon left fans awed and disgusted. The episode revealed unexpected and shocking details about Ser Larys Strong, the right-hand man of Queen Alicent. In the show Larys has a nickname. He’s called Clubfoot because of the disability that prevents him from living his life normally. But who knew that he would be enthralled by feet in this weird manner. Read on to know more!

We know that Ser Larys Strong is the one who has been doing all the dirty work for Alicent so that she can keep up her regal persona. However, it looks like Larys’ service has an unusual price for it all and our resident queen has been paying for it, albeit reluctantly, for years.

You see, the latest episode of House of the Dragon revealed that Ser Larys Strong has a foot fetish. Now you might ask, where does he get his fix from? Well, he gets it from Queen Alicent. Over the episodes, we have seen that Larys has an unusual attraction towards Alicent’s feet. In a scene from the newest episode, we see Larys supplying information to the Queen. And the more news he gives, the more of her feet Alicent shows.

The scene from House of the Dragon escalates further and gets into uncomfortable territory as Ser Larys Strong starts touching himself and at this moment Queen Alicent looks away.

The scene brought out funny reactions from viewers of the show online. One Twitter fan jokingly said, “are u telling me alicent has been feeding lord larys foot fetish in return for his service????? AND LETTING HIM J3RK OFF IN FRONT OF HER??? and I thought this show couldn’t get worse.”

Another traumatized fan said, “Alicent Hightower selling feet pics for information to Larys Strong was not on my bingo card for tonight’s episode.”

Another viewer said, “I’m sorry I was not prepared for Alicent’s Onlyfans live show for Larys.”

The hilarious comments from fans have sent the topic trending on Twitter. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know.

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