House Of The Dragon 2 Trailer Reveals New Easter Eggs
New Black and Green Trailers Reveal Easter Eggs in HOTD ( Photo Credit – IMDb; YouTube )

It’s the Green Versus the Blacks; House Targaryen is ready for battle. HBO released two trailers of the highly anticipated Game Of Thrones prequel, House Of the Dragon Season 2. And the trailers have the internet in a frenzy. Two new trailers are A Green Trailer and a Black Trailer for House Of the Dragon 2. The storytelling foreshadows what the season is going to be like. The trailers gave us so many highlights, but amongst all the action, here are five easter eggs that you probably missed in the trailers.

1. Rhaenyra Wears Viserys Crown & Aegon Wears His Namesake’s

House Of the Dragon 2 Trailer Is out. Read About the Easter Eggs
( Photo Credit – IMDb )

The first easter egg is shown in both the trailers of the show. Queen Alicent’s son Aegon wears the crown of Aegon, The Conqueror. You will remember that Erryk Cargill stole King Viserys Crown for Rhaenyra. The second season’s plot supports this easter egg that Rhaenrya believes she is the true heir, while Aegon is made to feel that King Viserys last wish was that Aegon become the king.

The mere misunderstanding and insecurity of Alicent will lead to the bloodiest battle of King’s Landing.


2. New Dragons- Moondancer, Sunfyre, Seasmoke and Dreamfire

House Of the Dragon 2 Trailer Is out. Read About the Easter Eggs
( Photo Credit – IMDb )

We also looked at some new dragons in the black and green trailers, but not all of them. Towards the end of House Of the Dragon Season 1, the suspense teased Daemon to claim new dragons to help the battle.

As the book is titled The Dance of the Dragons, we know this war will be won by whoever can outsmart the other with wit and dragon power. Having a couple more dragons on your team doesn’t hurt. We finally get a proper glimpse at Aegon’s Dragon Sunfyre, Baela’s new dragon Moondancer, what seems to look like Laenor Velaryon’s Dragon Seasmoke, and Helena’s Dangerous Dream Fire.

We know the series will introduce all sixteen dragons slowly, but fans are so excited to see Moondancer and Dream Fire take a lot of limelight. There are more unclaimed dragons, but we must wait to learn more about them.

3 . Introducing The Dragonseeds, Adam & Alan Of Hull, and Hugh Hammer

House Of the Dragon 2 Trailer Is out. Read About the Easter Eggs
( Photo Credit – IMDb )

When the first teaser for House of the Dragon was released, we saw a quick glimpse of Adam and Alan of Hull, the two dragon seeds that play a vital role in the show. In the new Black trailer, we see a quick hit-and-miss glimpse of Hugh Hammer, another dragon seed, joining Rhaneyra and Daemon’s team.

Adam and Alan Of Hull claim to be the illegitimate children of Laenor Velaryon. In case you did not know, illegitimate children whose fathers are of Valerion descent are called Dragonseeds.

4 . Starks and The Wall Return

The Wall was one of the most significant plot points of Game Of Thrones. Since season 1, fans have been waiting to get a hint on whether we will see Starks in House Of the Dragon 2 or not. The trailer finally answers that question; we see Jacerys in Winterfell, talking to what seems like Cregan Stark. It is unclear whether they are at the Wall or just at Winterfell during a snowstorm.

Nonetheless, the stars have finally entered the Targaryen group chat.

5 . Daemon V/S Aemond In HOTD 2

House Of the Dragon 2 Trailer Is out. Read About the Easter Eggs
( Photo Credit – IMDb )

One of the most significant plots in the book is the battle between Aemond and Daemon. We saw a very small foreshadowing of it in season 1. But in the season 2 trailer, Aemond states that he is ready for a battle with his Uncle if she dares so.

However, this significant battle will not occur during season 2 but in season 3, which is just a tease for the audience.


The trailers were jam-packed with little details and sneak peeks, like funeral scenes, which we assume are of Prince Jaherys, Aegon, and Helena’s son—the fight between the Cargyll brothers and scenes of battles. A lot happened in the trailers, with both showcasing their version of the story.

House of the Dragon Season 2 returns on Jun 12 and will air on HBO. It will stream on Max worldwide and Jio Cinema in India.

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