Holi 2020: As the fatal coronavirus is spreading across the globe, it has unfortunately also infected some people in India. As the country gears up to celebrate the festival of Holi, some celebrities urge fans to be careful, while others have cancelled their Holi parties on grounds of precautions.

Aparna Dixit: Although everyone is super excited for Holi as its a major Indian festival we look forward the entire year but nothing comes above the health of an entire population. The risks of coronavirus are well known so we all should take all necessary measures even if that includes cancelling the Holi plans. Life is to be treasured. I haven’t bought a mask yet but I am thinking of buying it for myself and family now. Also, travel less and only if it’s needed. Be updated of the conditions in the world but at the same time don’t panic and don’t believe on unnecessary WhatsApp forwards. Be aware.

Corona Virus and Holi: Celebrities urge fans to be cautious
Aparna Dixit

Aashish Mehrotra: Yes, it is true that the Corona Virus has affected the lives of people all over and not just in India. The panic is quite natural as the virus does not seem to have any cure or antidote till now, but I feel panic that creates a problem larger than what it actually is. As far as the changes are concerned in my lifestyle, I feel we all know the basic hygiene practices but we tend to neglect it, so I have become more cautious of it. There are lot of things that people can do in their daily life which I am sure that everybody is hearing on daily basis but the most important thing that people need to do is wash their hands on regular intervals and not touch them on their face. As far as my Holi plans are concerned, I have plans to play it with my close friends with all the precautions but as I can hear the Holi parties are getting cancelled. I feel there is nothing wrong in it because being a human being we tend to neglect a lot of things and the carefree attitude of one person can affect someone else’s life.

Corona Virus and Holi: Celebrities urge fans to be cautious
Aashish Mehrotra

Vijayendra Kumeria: Precaution is better than cure. It’s good that people are aware of the dos and don’ts to be safe from the virus. I think it is better to avoid large gatherings and coming in contact with a lot of people. I myself am thinking of avoiding going to any Holi party as I don’t wish to take any risks but yes I will have a shagun ka Holi at my place for sure with my very near and dear ones. I am making conscious efforts to keep my surroundings disinfected and I always keep a sanitizer handy, more than anything I am worried about my daughter. I have briefed my staff also that they should be careful.

Corona Virus and Holi: Celebrities urge fans to be cautious
Vijayendra Kumeria

Vikas Verma: I have cancelled my Holi party because of this it’s too risky to risk your health while it’s not in the air but majorly transmitting by touch and carelessness. I did buy a mask and avoiding crowded places. Washing hands in every 10 minutes is a good habit and people should keep at it always irrespective of coronavirus. They should keep drinking hot water always. I will be here better than travelling to Rajasthan as earlier I was planning to visit. People did make jokes on the mask but I think more than having a laugh at it I think we should get serious.

Corona Virus and Holi: Celebrities urge fans to be cautious
Vikas Verma

Parull Chaudhry: Holi plans are definitely cancelled. Prevention is better than cure, I seem to be travelling but all my travelling plans got cancelled due to no bank episodes in Balaji than coronavirus actually. I am very particular about hygiene since the very beginning, but now it’s hand sanitizer on the go, especially when we are on sets and public places with multiple people around, cut down on raw food, and eggs. Well, the situation seems to be getting worse, I guess now this is time that scientists too get together and figure out an antibiotic to treat the one affected, and we have more facilities to treat the affected. The others have to abide by the basic rules of wearing masks and washing hands each time. Haven’t bought a mask as of now, but will pick it up in a day or two

Corona Virus and Holi: Celebrities urge fans to be cautious
Parull Chaudhry

Sanjay Gandhi: Yes, Coronavirus has affected lives all over the world. People are scared of living a peaceful life. They are reading about the growth of cases of coronavirus. But still, I feel not to worry much. I request not to panic. Don’t cancel your plans. Stay focused on work and being healthy. Eat well, Stay clean, wear a mask and Sleep well. As I have not cancelled my Hyderabad tour where I am the Chief guest in their biggest Holi event.

Corona Virus and Holi: Celebrities urge fans to be cautious
Sanjay Gandhi:

Jasmine Bhasin: It has affected lives of many and people are panicking, buying masks, cancelling travel and Holi plans but honestly I feel if you are taking proper precautions and you are careful about it, you can avoid it. I did not cancel my travel and Holi plans but yes I am going to be very cautious and careful and going to take all necessary precautions for it. I think people need to be more aware and clear about what it is and how exactly you can cure it and we do not need to panic reading forwarded messages because they are sometimes not 100% true and are created by people who just don’t care about the society. So the only advice I would like to give is to keep your facts clear, take necessary precautions, maintain Hygiene and just be careful.

Corona Virus and Holi: Celebrities urge fans to be cautious
Jasmine Bhasin

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