Celebs on Hathras rape case: Hang them! Culprits should not be spared!
Hathras Case: Nishant Singh Malkhani To Sharad Malhotra, Celebs Demand Strict Action! (Pic credit – PR )

The Hathras gang rape case shook the whole nation. The brutal torture and pain that Manisha went through is unimaginable. This is not the first time. A 22-year-old in Balrampur was raped and sent home on a rickshaw with a glucose drip in her hand. Members of the entertainment industry share their views on the state of the country and come up with ways to make sure that justice is served to the victims.

Nishant Singh Malkhani The Hathras gang rape case has really disturbed me. I really hope and pray that the accused are punished with the same brutality as the crime that they committed. A girl is forced against her will to the extent that she dies, this is what rape is and it must be dealt with very seriously. The victim and her family need justice quickly, not like the Nirbhaya case which took so long. Rapes happen all over the country and these animals have not even spared babies. I feel that rapists must be given the harshest of punishments. The time has come for us, as a country, to stand up against these crimes. Women need to be respected, they cannot be treated as commodities

Vijayendra Kumeria- It breaks my heart whenever I get to know about any such instance where a woman’s safety has been compromised. It’s high time that proper measures are taken to stop the occurrence of such instances. Such monstrous acts should stop. The trials should be definitely be fast-tracked and the sentence should be nothing less than the death penalty for these insane criminals, once convicted there should be no mercy for their inhuman crime.

Saanand Verma- People who think bad about women are the people who you should be ashamed of being human. They are stains on our society and it is necessary to remove all these stains. These types of rapists and bad people shouldn’t be left free as they will be very dangerous for our sisters, daughters and for every woman out there. Our problem is that whenever this type of horrible incidents happen, we do a candle march, and we talk about many things related to this. But then nothing happens. Yes, the government has made little changes in rules and now the rules are in the favour of women which is very good. But we should be more sensitive towards this topic and we should follow all the government laws so that all these victims get justice.

Sharad Malhotra Rape is a crime of violence and s*x has always been a matter of great concern, not only in our country but worldwide ..The Nirbhaya case shook the entire nation but has yet not stopped monsters or evil people like these who disrespect women and treat them like they own them. There is a lot of rage and fury amongst the citizens of the country but it is all futile till the govt or the judiciary system takes strict action against such inhumane/evil acts and punishes them severely and quickly, so it could set an example for the others. I strongly condemn rape. Movements such as #Sl*tmovement or #metoo has also helped people share their own experiences, stories with others making them aware and cautious too.

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