Hajime Isayama, the man behind the brutal world of Titans, has faced his own set of challenges in the real world.
Attack Of Titan: Hajime Isayama Faced The Brutality Of The Real World – Here’s What You Need To Know About Him ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

The world is still in awe of the genius of “Attack Of Titan” creator Hahjime Isayama. He managed to create a story so complex, multi-faceted, and downright baffling that even after 2 years of its manga’s completion, people continue to uncover fresh details. His genius led to “AoT” being one of the most popular series, if not the most, in the world and catapulted him into being one of the most celebrated mangakas ever to exist.

For many “Attack on Titan” fans, Isayama is like a genius from another dimension. But guess what? he’s just a regular human, like the rest of us. Here are five things about Isayama that prove it.

1. He’s a Game of Thrones Fan

Yes — the writer of a very brutal, ruthless show is a fan of another very brutal, ruthless show. In an interview at AnimeNYC, according to ComicBook, he revealed that he’s an avid “Game of Thrones” fan and is an even bigger fan of “House of the Dragon.” He also revealed that his favorite character from the prequel series is Aemond Targaryen.

2. He Made an Attack on Titan One-Shot Before the Real Thing

Did you know “Attack on Titan” wasn’t a full-length manga initially? Before the real thing, Isayama wrote a draft story in a one-shot called “Humanity vs. Titans.”

It follows a soldier, Murakumo (no, Eren doesn’t exist in the one-shot), who tries to survive in the world where large cannibalistic, humanoid creatures live and eat the nearly extinct human race. While the premise of the two stories is quite similar, there are some key differences between them. For example, in the one-shot, Titans were created by a religious group who wanted to destroy the human race. There was no Paradise Island, and humans lived deep in the forest surrounded by trees.

3. Shonen Jump Rejected His Show Attack on Titan

For those of you who don’t know, Weekly Shonen Jump is one of the most popular manga anthologies in Japan that serializes mangas. It’s famous for serializations of so many mega-hit mangas, including “Jujutsu Kaisen” and “One Piece.”

When Isayama took his “Humanity vs. Titans” one-shot to Shonen Jump, it was rejected because of the absence of content catering specifically to the Shonen genre. However, shortly after, Bessatsu Shonen Magazine serialized “AoT” and brought it to its current status.

4. Hajime Isayama Has Other One-Shots Too

Isayama, just like every other mangaka in the world, has worked on mangas apart from “AoT”. Two of his other works, “Orz” and “Heart Break One,” have bagged a number of awards, consolidating his creative talent beyond “Attack on Titan.”

He also has a crossover with Marvel Comics in the form of another one-shot called “Attack on Avengers.”

5. He Created Levi by Accident

Remember Levi Ackerman, the origin of most, if not all, “AoT” fangirls’ affection? Turns out Isayama didn’t even intend for him to be in the story. Levi’s existence was a result of a casual doodle session. However, after watching “Watchmen,” he decided to base the character on Rorschach and give him a proper storyline.

“Attack on Titan’s” Finale was released on November 5, 2023, and can be watched on Crunchyroll.

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