Gauahar Khan Opens Up On Being Older Than Zaid Darbar(Pic credit: Instagram/gauaharkhan)
Gauahar Khan Talks About Her Relationship With Zaid Darbar(Pic credit: Instagram/gauaharkhan)

Apart from her happening social media space, Gauahar Khan has been in the news for her relationship with Zaid Darbar too. After months of speculations, hints and numerous denials, the two announced their engagement last month. While Zaid and Gauahar have created a good fanbase for their pairing, Khan is now opening up about her dynamic with Darbar. She says she can be a goof ball in front of him, and below is all she feels about the man of her dreams.


As per reports, the newly engaged couple Gauahar and Zaid will tie the knot on December 25 this year. As per Khan, she wasn’t in the state of mind to get into a relationship when he met her. The actor says that she feels for him in a month of knowing him and the next she knows they were engaged.


Gauahar Khan in a chat with Hindustan Times said, “I was averse to the idea of being with anyone when I met him. Yet, I felt this was something different because I had never met someone like him. I felt this is my kind of human being. He is like me in many ways in thoughts, behaviour, history and characteristics. So, I knew we would have a great friendship.”

Gauahar Khan further revealed how she did not have a courtship with Zaid Darbar. She said, “We didn’t have a courtship. I met him, we hit it off, and he didn’t think he would propose to someone, marriage was not on his mind. When he asked me, it wasn’t planned. It was in a flow, and after meeting me, in literally over a month, he proposed to me. There were no second thoughts.”

Zaid Darbar proposed Gauahar Khan in July this year. The former says that she did not have butterflies when she met him, rather she thought she met her human. Gauahar further spoke about the time she had to rush to Pune to take care of her then ill father. She said, “I had to go to Pune right after he proposed and I got to know much better over the phone than meeting. I had a deeper understanding of life during the pandemic. What got further emphasises is that time with family and loved ones matters the most. To meet a man who believed the same, made me think he is my kind of person.”

Gauahar Khan also addressed the fact that she is seven years elder to him and said, “I can be a goof ball with him and also find the maturity and balance in the relationship. The age difference isn’t much and it doesn’t bother me.”

All the luck to this beautiful couple!

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