Games of Thrones Trivia #16: When Joe Jonas Tried Kissing Sophie Turner’s Body Double Laura Butler On Set Mistaking The Two
Games of Thrones Trivia #16: Sophie Turner’s Body Double Laura Butler Once Almost Got A Kiss From Joe Jonas – Here’s Why (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Sophie Turner gained immense worldwide fame by playing Sansa Stark in HBO’s epic fantasy television series Game of Thrones from 2011 to 2019. During this period, the actress fell in love with American singer Joe Jonas. Since dating in 2016, the couple walked down the aisle in 2019 and welcomed their first kid, Willa, in 2020.

What if we tell you the singer almost cheated on his wife while visiting her on the sets of GOT? Well, this is 100% true and Sophie herself admitted the same. But, no it wasn’t intentional. In fact, the singer was being a romantic for his better half but due to an uncanny resemblance between her and her body double, Laura Butler, he almost kissed her. Read all about it below.

Sophie Turner‘s Game of Thrones body double is a very convincing clone of the actress has had many from the star’s own husband to even the co-stars including Sophie’s best friend Maisie Williams confused upon seeing her. In a past conversation, Sophie Turner recalled this incident taking place and how Joe Jonas tried kissing Laura Butler mistaking the two. In an interview with Australian radio station Nova, Sophie said, “Joe went up to her at one point and tried to give her a kiss. He was like, ‘Oh, sorry, sorry! It’s not Sophie!’”

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