Maisie Williams Once Revealed Funny Trivia About Kit Harington From Game Of Thrones
Maisie Williams’ Arya Stark Git To Kill The Night King In The Game Of Thrones Finale (Photo Credit: Yahoo)

If there is one Television show that brought the world together and made them fall in love with a fantasy land, it has to be the mighty Game Of Thrones. Of course, there is this dismay with the finale season and how it all concluded, fans will take that to their grave if the makers do not remake it. But one cannot cancel the whole show that has managed to catch our attention for 8 long seasons. But did you know even Jon Snow aka Kit Harington knew nothing about the end? Maisie Williams had a revelation to make in the past.

Well, one of the most iconic characters in the tale of dragons and wars was of course Jon Snow played by Kit Harington. While people had their bets on him and believed he will kill the villainous Night King, little did they know the makers were preparing Arya aka Maisie Williams for this day actually. Even Kit didn’t. In her interview in the past, Williams had revealed how the Eternals actor was clueless about the twist. Read on to know everything you should about the same.



Maisie Williams who played Arya Stark in Game Of Thrones was talking to The Hollywood Reporter last year. She was being candid about her killing blow to the Night King and how it changed many things. While on that, she also spoke about Kit Harington and how he expected Jon Snow to be the one who kills the enemy from the North.

“[Kit Harington] expected it to go [Jon Snow’s] way, too, and he even said, ‘It was going to go that way. Someone told me in season three that I was going to kill The Night King,’” Maisie Williams shares. “And then, he read the script, and it was Arya the whole time. (Laughs.) Yeah, I think it would’ve been too obvious. I’m glad that it was Arya, honestly. I think I had the best storyline of the final season.”

Meanwhile, Kit Harington has also been quite vocal about the Game Of Thrones finale. Talking to Deadline about dealing with the pressure of the last season, he had said he hasn’t watched it.

“Controversy. I still haven’t seen the show, so that’s how I dealt with that controversy. I haven’t seen the final season, but I know what it took to shoot it and it was hard, and everyone put their love and effort into it. Controversy for us — we knew what we were doing was right story-wise and we knew that it was right for the characters because we lived with them for ten years. Controversy for us — didn’t really affect us,” said Kit Harington.

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