Maisie Williams AKA Arya Stark Of Game Of Thrones: "Someone Told Me In Season Three That I Was Going To Kill..."
Maisie Williams AKA Arya Stark Of Game Of Thrones: “Someone Told Me In Season Three That I Was Going To Kill…”

Who didn’t love Arya Stark played by Maisie Williams in HBO’s global phenomenon, Game of Thrones? Well, it’s time for her fans to rejoice as after devoting a decade to GOT, she is seen playing Mary in Julius Berg’s The Owners. Read the full article to know the details.


The Owners is now available in select theatres and on digital HD/on-demand. In a recent interview, along with her role as Mary in The Owners, Maisie also spoke about the most controversial ending of Games of Thrones.


Maisie Williams told The Hollywood Reporter, “[Kit Harington] expected it to go [Jon Snow’s] way, too, and he even said, ‘It was going to go that way. Someone told me in season three that I was going to kill The Night King.’ And then, he read the script, and it was Arya the whole time. (Laughs.) Yeah, I think it would’ve been too obvious. I’m glad that it was Arya, honestly. I think I had the best storyline of the final season.”

While talking about how the shooting experience of The Owners was different from Game of Thrones, Maisie Williams told the portal, “Although being part of a psychological thriller or a horror is always somewhat hyperreal, I did like that we didn’t have any green screens.”

Maisie Williams added, “A lot of the emotions are a lot more realistic, and a lot more pared back. I had really missed that, and so I was glad to be able to just do a lot of really interesting dialogue scenes and see the power dynamics between two people and how that can play out when there aren’t any weapons involved.”

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