The Actor Who Played The Role Of Ugly Naked Guy In FRIENDS Revealed & It Is Not Michael Hagerty!
The Actor Who Played The Role Of Ugly Naked Guy In FRIENDS Revealed(Photo Credit – A Still From FRIENDS)

FRIENDS is undoubtedly one of the best shows ever created in American television and has a fan base throughout the world. Fans of the sitcom, who have watched it multiple times, would know some things will always be a mystery in our beloved sitcom.


Mysteries like Why did Ross’s birthday change from December to October? How Gunther took the news of Ross and Rachel getting back together again? And Janice did really stay away from Monica and Chandler for the rest of their lives? And who played the role of Ugly Naked Guy?


While most of these mystery questions remain unanswered but at least one of them is now revealed: the actor who played Ugly Naked Guy. For the unversed, the character figured into many episodes but only seen on-screen in two episodes- the one in which the Friends prodded him with a giant poking device and another one in which Ross stripped down and ate muffins with him in order to get his apartment. We never got the chance to see the face of the character. Thus it remained a mystery for many for several years.




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