FRIENDS: Every Single One Of The Six Lived In The Geller’s Grandmother’s Apartment, Check Out When They Made It Theirs
From Monica, Rachel & Phoebe To Ross, Chandler & Joey – All The FRIENDS Lived In The Iconic Apartment(Photo Credit – Imdb)

NCB’s FRIENDS was about the bonds between six young adults living in New York City and their personal, professional and social lives. While each of the six had their own apartments, which they shared with others, they have all spent quality time in one of the show’s prominent places – Monica Geller’s apartment.


We aren’t just talking about them meeting here for some yummy Thanksgiving dinner – or meals in general, or relaxing and chit-chatting. Today we are talking about how they shifted to the house with their clothes and other personal stuff.


While the official tenant of the FRIENDS apartment is Monica Geller and Ross Geller’s grandmother, every single one of the FRIENDS have stayed there at one time or the other. Scroll down and see when they made the apartment their home.

Monica Geller

When FRIENDS began, we get to know Monica Geller is the only resident in the apartment – hence she could take in Rachel Green as her roommate on an immediate basis. From the first till the last episode – expectation when she lost it in a bet – Monica stayed in the apartment. She had many roommates staring with Phoebe, then Rachel and then finally Chandler.

Rachel Green

In the FRIENDS pilot episode, Monica Geller has an extra room, so when her high school friend runs away from her wedding and needs a place to crash, ‘she offers’. By the end of the episode, Rachel Green becomes Monica’s roommate and ends by being the longest to share the place with her. Rachel moved out of the apartment only when Monica and Chandler decided to move in together. She stayed for a few days later when hers and Phoebe’s apartment caught fire.

Joey Tribbiani

Joey Tribbiani may have officially – not legally – been a resident of Monica Geller’s apartment for a short time, but he spent most of his days there. From having every meal there to even watching TV and taking naps, the iconic FRIENDS apartment was just a hop, skip and jump (maybe lesser) for him. The only time he shifted to the apartment with his stuff was when he and Chandler won it from Monica and Rachel in a quiz game where the house was the bet. The boys were thrilled during their time there, but he still missed his apartment and was happy to shift back.

Chandler Bing

Chandler Bing lived in Monica Geller’s apartment on two different occasions. His first time in the house was when he and Joey won it in a bet from Monica and Rachel. But soon after the switch, where the girls moved to the guy’s apartment, Rachel & Monica tricked the boys and moved back into theirs, making them shift back to theirs.

Chandler’s second stay in the FRIENDS’ iconic apartment was when he and Monica to take their relationship forward and move in together. He stayed there with his wife and then adopted kids right until the very last episode of the series.

Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe Buffay lived in Monica’s apartment twice – one was the time before the series’s events and the other during. Pheobe’s first time living with Monica was shown as a flashback in season 3, where we get a look at what the friends were up to three years back. We see that fed up with Monica’s OCD behaviour, Phoebe had moved in with her grandmother, and then-Ms Geller had no clue about it.

Phoebe returned to Monica’s apartment in season 6 temporarily as she and Rachel were forced to move out after a fire in their apartment. Following Monica and Chandler’s engagement, Phoebe moves in with Ross before returning to her apartment.

Ross Geller

Ross Geller living in Monica Geller’s apartment wasn’t shown on the show but was spoken of in the finale episode of FRIENDS. While the entire group is looking around at the empty and reminiscing about everything they have been through, Phoebe pointed out that everyone has lived at one time or another. Ross responds that he has never, prompting Monica to reveal that he stayed at the apartment when their grandmother lived there. She added that Ross was in college and was trying to make a career as a dancer. An annoyed Ross then says that they almost made it ten years without ever talking about it. Well, we did have a laugh hearing it.

Whose stay in the FRIENDS’ iconic apartment was the funnies? We loved them all…

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