#Flashback2019: 2019 proved to be a very good year for Bollywood but it was a great year for the web entertainment world in India. So many web originals released in 2019 and crossed 2018 in quality as well as quantity.


If 2018 was good for Netflix & Amazon Prime in India, it only got better in 2019. Both platforms brought out more interesting and fresh Indian content which was received warmly by the audience. Also for TVF which was going through a low phase, 2019 was a pretty good year.

While their Triplings 2, Humorously Yours 2 and many others did well, it was Kota Factory which brought them back in the top league. The show was hugely appreciated by the critics as well as the audience. Kota Factory also proved to be the highest rated Indian web series on IMDB which is really cool.

Apart from Kota Factory, some other web shows like Tripling 2, The Family Man, Little Things 3, Made In Heaven were received immensely well by the audience. Not just these shows their characters also established themselves in the memories of the audience.

#Flashback2019: From Jeetu Bhaiyya Tu Ganesh Gaitonde, 10 Characters Which Made The Indian Web World Super Interesting
#Flashback2019: From Jeetu Bhaiyya To Ganesh Gaitonde, 10 Characters Which Made The Indian Web-World Super Interesting

Have a look at the Top 10 web characters of 2019

1) Jeetu Bhaiyya – Kota Factory

Played by Jitendra Kumar.

Jeetu Bhaiyya is easily one of the best web characters this year. Jeetu Bhaiyya is a teacher at Maheshwari coaching classes but students call him Bhaiyya because his style of teaching is better than a standard teacher.

He’s a Physics teacher who gets satisfaction by changing his students’ perspective towards life and education. He makes Physics as interesting as it is because he doesn’t tell students to cram the books. Jeetu Bhaiyya is straightforward and one of the most positive characters to come out in the web world this year.

2) Meena – Kota Factory

Played by Ranjan Raj

Meena is a best friend of leading guy Vaibhav. He’s a blessing to Vaibhav because he works as a catalyst in changing his life for better. From helping him deal with challenges of initial days in a coaching institute to helping him in studies, he does it all that needs to be a true friend.

Meena comes from a financially weak background but he’s not negative about it. Meena never complains about not being rich instead he has made peace with it. Meena believes in hard work and karma and subconsciously knows that his life is in his own hands. Despite living away from family, he is responsible. He doesn’t just take care of himself but of Vaibhav also.

3) Sartaj Singh – Sacred Games

Played by Saif Ali Khan

Sartaj Singh has to be one of the best developed Sikh characters in the Indian entertainment industry be it Bollywood or web world. He is not larger than life cop but a very real and honest human. Sartaj Singh can do anything and cross any boundary to perform his job which is to save Mumbai from a disastrous event.

Sartaj is fighting his demons of anxiety, drugs, and vulnerability but still emerges a hero. He’s a mirror which inspires us to overcome our limitations or atleast try to overcome.

4) Ganesh Gaitonde – Sacred Games

Played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Now Ganesh Gaitonde from Sacred Games is far from being a positive character. He is one person who wants a best life for himself. His childhood was dark and his aim was to overcome that darkness. Due to the absence of proper guidance, he takes a way in which he somehow destructs himself.

While Ganesh Gaitonde thinks he’s making a great life for himself and thinks he’s a ‘God’, he finds himself trapped in a game of which he thought he was the biggest player.

In season 1, Ganesh Gaitonde comes out as a top gangster of Mumbai but season 2 shows how karma starts hitting him and he gets the taste of his own medicine. If in season 1, we see Gaitonde’s strong side, in season 2 he comes out as a guy who has started losing the grip of the things which he used to control earlier.

5) Srikant – The Family Man

Played by Manoj Bajpayee

Easily one of the best-written characters of the year. A spy and a family man is a tough combo to crack and Raj & DK did their job phenomenally in writing it. Srikant is an intelligent spy, an emotional human and a sensitive a family man.

The best part of his character was that he uses his spy traits to solve tricky situations at home and vice versa.


Manoj Bajpayee made the character memorable with his performance.

6) Dhruv – Little Things

Played by Dhruv Sehgal

Dhruv is a simple yet very layered character. He is honest and doesn’t hide what’s going in his mind even if it hurts the other person. He may appear a little slow or frustrated guy but he seeks time to understand his thoughts before reacting. And that’s a positive thing to have.

He is loving, sincere & caring too. He understands when Kavya tells him that she needs to take a break from work and inspires her positively. But nothing can beat the love of Mutton cutlet & Liverpool in his life.

Dhruv is struggling professionally and that has obviously affected his personal life too and a little bit his equation with his partner Kavya. However, the good thing is that they believe in talking and resolving the issue.

7)Kavya – Little Things

Played by Mithila Palkar

Kavya Kulkarni is one coming of the age girl who has aced the art of balancing professional & personal life. Though initially, she’s struggling professionally but soon gets rewarded with great promotions.

is successful both at work and in life. She is earning huge still doesn’t let it make her arrogant. She never tries to make Dhruv feel anything lesser than her and even when he gets a little unfair, she believes in him and doesn’t get mad. She loves and cares for him with all her heart and even helps him repaying his family’s debt. She loves his family too and even though they are not married, she signs up his parents for regular medical checkups because she knows Dhruv can’t afford to do it.

8)Tara Khanna – Made In Heaven

Played by Sobhita Dhulipala

Tara is a passionate girl who makes it big by marrying a rich guy essayed by Jim Sarbh. Tara has a troubled marriage but a successful wedding business. Just like any other married couple, Jim and Tara are trying to have a baby but nothing works between them as he is having an affair with Tara’s good friend essayed by Kalki Koechlin. Tara was a middle-class girl who got married into a rich family but somewhere deep down misses her simple life.

The character is very passionate about her work and takes professionalism to a different level with her work.

9)Karan Mehra – Made In Heaven

Played by Arjun Mathur

Karan Mehra is a gay man who is not running from his truth and is embracing his identity. He is ready to face all the consequences of what happens after his little secret was out in the open and that is a great part of his character.

Karan Mehra also manages the wedding business with Tara. The two make a good team and are always there for each other. Karan also has a soft side to it which touches your heart.

Arjun Mathur delved into the character quite convincingly

10)  Chitvan – Tripling

Played by Amol Parashar

Chitvan comes across as a carefree and fun-loving guy in the first season of Tripling. He is still a fun-loving guy in season 2 but is more matured now. He is a father now and has developed a caring side. When Chandan & Chanchal witness that side of Chitvan, they are blown away with it.

The character arc of Chitvan in the two seasons of Tripling makes him one of the best characters of 2019.

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