Exclusive! Sumeet Vyas Opens Up On Censorship & Politics On OTT
Sumeet Vyas Talks About Feeling Suffocated By Censorship On OTT ( Photo Credit – Instagram / Sumeet Vyas )

It won’t be wrong to call Sumeet Vyas the first OTT star of India. The actor has had his journey in the entertainment world, and acting wasn’t the original plan. Writing is what to date attracts him more, and he calls it his first preference. Vyas, who has just come out of a big web show titled 1962: The War In The Hills, joined Koimoi for an exclusive chat.

While on that, the conversation about censorship and bringing it into the digital arena is at its peak. It has divided people into two and the question is, is it really needed? Sumeet who has been in the business for years spoke to Koimoi about censorship and also having political opinions through visual content. Read on to know everything about the same.



Sumeet Vyas was vocal about many things, one of which was the politics of land making it to the visual content and many getting offended by it. He says the people who can induce the politics in their writing have his full support. The Permanent Roommates actor said, “I am not a very political writer. So I don’t generally express my political opinions through stories. I don’t think I am good at that. I will not know when to stop and what to write. But I have a lot of empathy, and I passionately support people who are able to do that. I will always stand by them. Because being in a democracy, if you are not able to express yourself fully, then there is a problem. I may never want to be in those shoes, or I may not be the person to write it, that does not mean I won’t support my people.”

The conversation went ahead to the burning conversation around censorship and the new laws that the government is reportedly introducing. Sumeet Vyas, when asked if he is afraid of them, said they suffocate him more than being feared of them. He said, “It does give me a sense of suffocation, more than fear. It is like some people deciding what others are supposed to consume in terms of entertainment. It is like I am deciding you should not watch this show because it isn’t good for you. It is similar to some people deciding what’s good to eat for you.”

Sumeet Vyas adds, “You should stay away from Jalebi because there is no nutritional value in it, bad for health. And you have no control; you will probably eat half a kilo of jalebis and probably get diabetes. So I have made a decision jalebis are not allowed for you. And if you have to have it, you are only allowed to have one, by law. Let’s do this, it is also for public benefit. If you cannot do this you cannot do that too. Both the things are equally undemocratic.”

Meanwhile, the actor in the course of the chat also confirmed season 3 of Permanent Roommates and much more. Stay tuned to Koimoi!

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