Ravi Dubey Opens Up On Jamai Raja 2.0 Intimate Scenes
Ravi Dubey Compares Buzz Around Jamai Raja 2.0 Season 2 Intimate Moments With That Of Kabir Singh ( Photo Credit – Instagram / Ravi Dubey ; IMDb / Jamai Raja 2.0 / Kabir Singh )

Jamai Raja 2.0 Season 2 is all set to hit the OTT screens in 2 days. The show starring Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma in lead will premiere on Zee5. The initial promos are out and have been creating a lot of noise. Mostly because of its intimate moments that have left many tails wagging.

Koimoi got into an exclusive conversation with Ravi as he opened up about Season 2. The actor expressed his disappointment over viewers limiting the promo videos to just kissing scenes. He also listed a list of pointers that instead should have been the talking points.

Ravi Dubey said, “People tend to get a tunnelled view on the kisses. They see an intimate scene and are very tunnelled viewed to it. There’s a whole lot that’s happening. Nia has performed extremely well in this season, you’ll see it when the show comes out. There’s a beautiful value addition that is happening in the new cast with Vin (Rana) and Priya (Banerjee), that we’re not talking about.”

He also praised his co-actor, Achint Kaur. Ravi Dubey added, “I think Achint at this age, she looks dynamic and stunning. We’re not talking about the various celebs and the palette of emotions that the show has. Somehow what I feel is a little sad that they see a couple of kisses in a trailer and get a tunnelled view on it.”

Ravi gave a tremendous example of Jamai Raja 2.0 Season 2’s scenario with Kabir Singh. The Shahid Kapoor starrer also created noise over its kissing scenes. “I remember something like this happened during the Kabir Singh press conference. It’s just something that’s coming to my mind right now. Someone asked Shahid Kapoor about all the kisses. He said there’s more to look out for’ and look at what it turned out to be!” Dubey continued.

He concluded his take by adding that people should look at the bigger picture. Ravi Dubey continued, “When we zoom out a little, we’ll see that there’s a lot more and not just a couple of intimate moments. There are a couple of intimate moments and they are there because the couple has stayed together for that long. This is how couples are right? There are intimate moments between them and they take it. Since we’re getting into their private lives, it is only natural for you to see them. I would love it if people even talk about other things.”

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