Nikhil Chinapa on Supersonic: Curated artiste lineup matters more than global celebs
Nikhil Chinapa on Supersonic: Curated artiste lineup matters more than global celebs(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Host, DJ and Vh1 Supersonic curator Nikhil Chinapa said that it is not important to emphasise on international names; but having said that, curating a lineup with artistes one doesn’t normally get to witness, is a part of the plan for his music festival.

The event will see the who’s who of the music world such as American rapper Tyga, English singer Anne-Marie and Nigerian singer-songwriter CKay among many others.

About how important is it to add international names, Chinapa told IANS: “It’s not. Having a well-curated artist lineup doesn’t require an emphasis on international names. That said, curating a lineup with artists you don’t normally get to witness, is a part of our plan. This includes Indian artists who haven’t been to Pune as well as international talent visiting India.”

Nikhil Chinapa is one of the most prominent faces in the music world. He is credited with popularising Electronic Dance Music (EDM) among the Indian youth. He is also known as the Father of Indian Dance Music for his various contributions towards revolutionising the outlook of Dance Music in the country.

Talking about his favourite hotspots where he’s performed and the best venues for performance in the country, Nikhil Chinapa said: “It depends on what we call ‘the room’ – which is more than the venue, it’s also the people, the vibe, the sound system etc. The best rooms are the ones where people come for music, as opposed to selfies. I’m not hating on selfies in a club though… or wait, maybe I am – but just a little bit!”

What is that one thing that is missing in the music scene in India? The 49-year-old, who has been instrumental in popularising DJing as a profession, answered: “Quality music journalism and significantly fewer selectors (music curators, playlist geeks, culture visionaries) than what I would expect a music population as large as ours to have.”

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