Vineet Raina Opens Up On His Role In 'Choti Sarrdaarni'
Vineet Raina Talks About His Entry Into The Show ‘Choti Sarrdaarni'( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Actor Vineet Raina talks about his entry into the show ‘Choti Sarrdaarni’. He is seen as Param, Seher’s stepbrother in the serial.

Talking about playing the role of Param, the actor says: “Paramjeet Singh is a character that wasn’t quite explored previously in the show, and it happens to be the main reason I choose this show. It’s been 15 days since I started shooting and one can already witness the layers of the character unfold.”



“He’s going through various emotions related to his connection with the family, and the fact that his aunt Harleen is constantly picking on him. We’re seeing how he is handling all the emotions running in his veins. Paramjeet has been rather silent, but now his layers are opening up and it is the best part about my character,” Vineet Raina adds.

Vineet Raina has previously done shows such as ‘Ishq Mein Marjawan’, ‘Meri Gudiya’, ‘Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil’ and many more.

After doing a number of television shows, Vineet was not initially sure about entering the show as a replacement of actor Shehzada Dhami, who was earlier playing the role of Param Singh Gill.

Vineet Raina shares: “Being brought in as a replacement, I was a little skeptical about it at first. I don’t prefer to get into roles played by anyone else as it gets difficult to connect with the audience. But when this character was narrated to me, I realised that this character has been set to bounce up in the storyline. So, I believe that I entered at the right time.”

“Another major reason behind my decision was that it is a Colors show. This will be my third venture with the channel. I have done ‘Udaan’ and ‘Ishq Mein Marjawan’, which were both major hits. I have also always wanted to work with this production house. They have really good writers and are making good shows which makes everyone want to work with them.”

On the challenges he faced to get into the skin of this character, Vineet says: “It is very challenging for me. My character is that of a Sikh man; and given that I come from a different background, it surely presented a challenge to me. I have to wear the turban for 12-13 hours a day and grow my beard to completely get into his aura. I have always wanted to play a ‘Sardar’ and hence I feel proud to wear a turban. For me, playing this role is definitely a privilege.”

Vineet says that he is quite different from what he is portraying on-screen. The only similarity that lies between Vineet and Param is that both care for their families.

“I am quite different from Param in real life. The writers and the creators have conceived this character in their minds and penned it down. But, if I want to connect to this character as Vineet Raina, I would say that the way he loves his family, his siblings and his parents, that quality is something that I really relate to,” Vineet Raina concludes.

Produced by Cockcrow and Shaika Entertainment, ‘Choti Sarrdaarni’ features Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Mahir Pandhi in lead roles of Seher and Rajveer respectively. The show airs on Colors.

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