SmackDown Featuring Brock Lesnar's Return Breaks Record
Super SmackDown Creates Record(Pic Credit: Instagram/wweindia, aewontnt)

WWE is trying every single thing possible to pique pro-wrestling fans’ interest. And so far, they have been successful. Last Friday’s Super SmackDown was one hell of a show, and as expected, it has broken previous records. Below is all you need to know.


Last Friday, at Madison Square Garden, we saw Brock Lesnar’s first-ever appearance since SummerSlam. The venue was jam-packed and on television too, millions of viewers tuned in. Not just Brock’s return, the overall show had some amazing matches and segments. All the advertising and hype had sparked excitement among viewers, and the end result is clearly seen.


Madison Square Garden’s SmackDown episode bagged a 2.383 million number, as per the report of WhatCulture. It has surpassed the number of 22nd January’s episode (2.283 million). Interestingly, before last week i.e. 3rd September’s episode garnered a high number of 2.220 million. Remember, for 3rd September’s episode, Brock Lesnar’s return was advertised (which of course, didn’t happen).

What a draw Brock Lesnar is!

Speaking of WWE‘s rival, AEW is surprisingly witnessing drops ever since CM Punk’s debut. Punk’s Rampage debut managed a number of 1.129 million. But since hitting that mark, the ratings of Rampage continue to drop considerably. Last week’s episode saw a number of 670,000 viewers.

Speaking of AEW‘s drop in ratings, former WWE writer Vince Russo explained that post Punk’s debut, the company failed in providing a promising show. Russo thinks the company is catering to a niche audience and not a mainstream audience.

“The hardest thing in wrestling is to get the fans back. And let me tell you something quick bro because I have said this all along, they (AEW) have lost the casual fans. They ain’t gonna get them back. They have created a very niche audience, and that’s what they have got. Bro, to get back those casual fans, it’s not gonna be a CM Punk, it’s not gonna be a Daniel Bryan. The only thing that brings those fans is a good, consistent show week after week after week, and that’s not happening bro,” Russo said as per the report in Sportskeeda.

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