Breaking Bad’s ‘Walter White’ Bryan Cranston Earned $75K More Than ‘Jesse Pinkman’ Aaron Paul – Here’s How Much The Others Earned!
Breaking Bad’s ‘Walter White’ Bryan Cranston Earned $75K More Than ‘Jesse Pinkman’ Aaron Paul, This Is How Much ‘Hank’ Dean Norris & Others Got Paid! (Photo Credit: IMDb)

Breaking Bad – starring Bryan Cranston as Walter White, a terminally ill high-school chemistry teacher who later makes meth to secure his family’s finances, is quite an impactful and loved show. The series – which ran from January 2008 to September 2013 and spanned five seasons, is still remembered today for its intriguing plotline and unforgettable characters.

But have you ever wondered about the financial gain the show gave its stars? If you did, we have the answer.

The success of Breaking Bad proved to be a huge financial gain for the show’s main lead and its supporting actors. While there’s no doubt that the success of the AMC series earned its cast members loads of love and opportunities to do other projects, do you ever wonder how much Bryan Cranston made playing Walter White or the amount mentioned on ‘Jesse Pinkman’ Aaron Paul’s cheque?

If this question ever passed your mind, we have the answers. As reported by Fandomwire, the show’s cast earned a large amount of remuneration from the series. Reportedly, the show’s lead protagonists of the series, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, pocketed $225,000 and $150,000 per episode, respectively, for the 16 episodes of season 5. That means Cranston’s collective salary in season 5 alone was $3.6 million, with Paul earning $2.4 million by the end of the series.

While ‘Walter White’ Bryan Cranston and ‘Jesse Pinkman’ Aaron Paul took home the highest figure check, the side characters, too, earned well. As per the report, American actress Anna Gunn, aka Skyler White – Walter’s wife, earned $75,000 per episode. The actress appeared in sixty-one episodes of the entire series, making a whopping $4.57 million. An impressive number for a supporting role, we say.

Dean Norris – who played Hank Schrader, Walter’s brother-in-law, reportedly earned $20,000 for every episode OF Breaking Bad in the first three seasons. However, by the final season, Norris’ salary increased to $225,000 per episode.

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