Bigg Boss 16’s Abdu Rozik Reacts To ‘I Love Tatti’ Prank Written On His Back
Bigg Boss 16’s Abdu Rozik Gets Angry, Annoyed About Sajid Khan Writing ‘I Love Tatti’ On His Back ( Photo Credit – Show Still )

During his stint in Bigg Boss 16, Abdu Rozik was loved by millions of people for his charming looks and adorable personality. Known to be an internet sensation, Abdu created a strong fan base in India with his appearance on the reality show. On Salman Khan-hosted show, Abdu shared a close bond with co-contestants Sajid Khan, MC Stan and Shiv Thakare. When talking about the Mandali, how can we forget when Sajid and others pranked Rozik and wrote ‘I love Tatti’ on his back to surprise Nimrit on her birthday.

For the unversed, the internet sensation had once expressed his feelings for Nimrit following which his friends and other housemates asked him to surprise the actress by writing on his back. However, things went turned South when netizens bashed them for writing such a word on his back that he’s aware of. The whole controversy escalated so much that Rozik’s team even released an official statement condemning the same.

Now for the first time, Abdu Rozik has reacted to the same and revealed how he felt. After his exit from the show, due to professional commitments, Rozik appeared on Maniesh Paul’s podcast where he spoke about his journey in Bigg Boss 16, struggles he faced and whatnot! At the same talk show, when he was asked about the prank he slammed people for doing so.

Speaking on Maniesh Paul’s podcast, Adbu Rozik said, “People were writing on my back ‘I love tatti’, and I don’t know. After I saw it in the mirror, I didn’t know how to read. I was asking people what they wrote on my back, and they lied to me that they have written ‘I love Nimrit.’ I was like okay. This is very bad.”

Abdu Rozik went on to express that he felt very bad because not only one person but millions are watching the show. “Not only in India, but people in my country were also seeing me. My father and mother were seeing me.” He further revealed that his mother was very angry with his co-contestants’ behavior towards him.

On Maniesh Paul’s podcast, Abdu Rozik who rose to fame in India with his stint in Bigg Boss 16, spoke in dept about facing financial struggles and earning money by singing on the road.

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