Baikinman Takes on Hero Role in New Anpanman Anime Movie Clip
Baikinman Takes on Hero Role in New Anpanman Anime Movie Clip ( Photo Credit – YouTube )

Recently, a cute character has been featured in the latest movie clip of one of the most popular and iconic children’s anime series Anpanman. The name of this cutest little new character is Baikinman.

Detailed Overview of The Anpanman Movie:

The previous week, Oricon started disturbing the latest clip on the preview of the 35th movie of the franchise, Anpanman, also known as Soreike! Anpanman: Baikinman and Lulun of the Picture Book, for kids.

This preview clip of the movie also featured an amazing special toy tambourine that will be disturbing to the kids in elementary school or younger ones who will watch the show in the theatre in Japan.

Furthermore, the movie features two popular voice dub artists. The first is actress Aya Ueto, who will be giving voice to the main character of the movie, Lulun. The other is well-known comedian Takashi Okamura, who will be giving voice to the wild elephant in the movie.

The Synopsis of the Anpanman Movie:

The plot of the new movie Anpanman is about Baikinman, who is basically Anpanman’s enemy. One day, Baikinman accidentally falls into a picture book and finds himself in a world of fairies. He travels to big forests where fairies live, and he meets one of the fairies, Lulun, who asks him to help her from a wild elephant who is destroying his homeland.

Even though Baikinman hesitates to help them, he tries to stop the elephant, but he can’t because it is too strong for him to handle. He tells Lulun to call Anpanman into the picture book world because he can only stop this wild elephant and save the forests, the fairies’ homeland.

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