Sudhanshu Pandey says bagging role in 'Anupamaa' is a milestone in his career
Sudhanshu Pandey says bagging role in ‘Anupamaa’ is a milestone in his career(Pic Credit: Episode Still)

Actor Sudhanshu Pandey feels blessed to have bagged a role like Vanraj in popular daily show ‘Anupamaa’ which stars Rupali Ganguly playing the titular character.

The actor agrees that the success of the show has changed many things for him. At the same time, he also feels that being a performer in every role he has portrayed has helped him learn.

“I would say every project is a milestone in your career as each of them teaches you something new, something more. It’s been a year and a half that I am doing this project and it is going supremely well. I would say yes for a constant period I had nothing like this in my life and then suddenly for a year and a half, all thanks to Vanraj, you have been up there, successful. Therefore, this is definitely defined as one of the biggest milestones,” Sudhanshu Pandey says.

Apart from working with each other, Sudhanshu and Rajan Shahi have been friends for long. The former has wonderful things to say about the producer.

“Rajan Shahi is an old friend. The thing that separates him from most of the people is that he has got a very strong human side to him. As a person, he is very emotional and passionate, and that sets him apart. A lot of people are very passionate but at the same time are practical. But Rajan, most of the time, is practical and intelligent and is emotionally driven and this attitude of his makes him a great producer,” Sudhanshu Pandey adds.

So what does success mean to you?

He shares: “Thirst of success, the day you feel that it’s quenched or it’s your thirst you feel satiated and happy then I think that’s the day you will have your downfall. In life, you should never stop or want to stop, the thirst to move ahead to achieve greater heights should always be sustained in your mind as only then you can keep moving forward as there is no end to anything. Till you die you can keep succeeding and moving forward every day.”

Sudhanshu is indebted to his fans for their continuous support. Giving out a message to them he first thanks them for the love they have showered on ‘Anupamaa’.

“We are extremely grateful for the love you have given to the show as without your love we would not be where we are. I will not let you down as an actor and keep you and your families entertained. I will be the bad or the grace that the great Vanraj is, someone you have seen so that you can love him or hate him but can’t ignore him. Take care and let’s fight it till we get rid of this virus. Together we can do everything,” Sudhanshu Pandey concludes.

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