Rupali Ganguly's Anupamaa Defying Vanraj Created A Complete Swirl Among Fans As They Add The Kabir Singh BGM To It
Anupamaa Displays Her Badass Side As Fans Add The Kabir Singh BGM When She Defies Vanraj (Photo Credit: Hotstar)

Rupali Ganguly has been winning a lot of hearts ever since she appeared in the Indian soap drama series Anupamaa and now the show is gaining even greater heights after the show has added new elements to it.

The daily soap show is currently reigning the TRP boards, becoming the No.1 show this year and it’s all thanks to Gaurav Khanna. Even after a long run of 26 years, people are still stuck to this show which only proves that the freshness in the content of this show is one which you will never forget. The show now has taken a turn-off event and is a good one to be precise. Now we have learned that Anupamaa has decided to become a businesswoman even if her family is not with her in this.



In the recent episodes of the Rupali Ganguly starrer, her role found moral support from Gaurav Khanna’s character Anuj Kapadia. Now against all odds, she has started taking steps to become a businesswoman. The show also showed spectators one of the obstacles that came Anupamaa’s way namely Toshu, Vanraj and Baa who insulted her when she announced her decision. But that was not enough to stop her as she fired back saying that she will win this war like a heroine. This side of Anupamaa was much wanted by fans and they are overjoyed to witness it.

A particular fan took it to his social media platform creating a video showing Anupamaa breaking all stereotypes and taking true steps towards empowerment, and adding the background music from the movie Kabir Singh just hit the spot. The video went viral the moment it came on the platform.

To check out the video:

Fans are going crazy with this edit and have termed it as ‘Kadak’ and epic. Fans are also liking the role of Anupamaa’s friend Devika who was the key reason in bringing Anuj and Anupamaa closer.

It is now clear why the show remains at the top of the TRP charts. It was a great decision to bring some freshness to it as the family drama sequence was rather stretched and boring. This will make sure that Anupamaa will for a longer time.

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