Anupamaa: Aman Maheshwari Opens Up On Working With Rupali Ganguly, "It's A Blessing To Share A Screen With Her..."
Anupamaa: Aman Maheshwari Opens Up On Working With Rupali Ganguly, “It’s A Blessing To Share A Screen With Her…” – Deets Inside (Picture Credit: Instagram)

Actor Aman Maheshwari has made an appearance in popular show ‘Anupamaa’. He spoke about working with Rupali Ganguly and Apara Mehta.

Discussing his character, Aman said: “There is a new track in Anupama where my character’s name is Nakul. I am sharing the screen with Rupali ma’am and Apara ma’am, where Apara ma’am is playing my Guru Ma. There is this Gurukul track where Anupamaa always wanted to dream of going to America and becoming a classical dancer.”

Aman Maheshwari added, “I am the favourite student of Guru Ma and she is a legend. I am playing the main person who has always been there with Guru Ma.”

Aman Maheshwari also added: “I introduce Anupamaa to Guru Ma so that we can take her to America and include her in our USA group. I start getting jealous as Anupamaa started giving the impression to Guru Ma that she is very good and she is dancing better than me.

Sharing his views on working with Rupali Ganguly, Aman said: “Rupali ma’am is a phenomenal actor, how many transitions she has given playing her character, the expressions are like a switch off and on for her and she is very welcoming. It’s a blessing to share a screen with her.”

“She knows her work and she also knows how to enjoy her life. She is an animal-loving person, she loves dogs just like me.”

Aman Maheshwari expresses how overwhelmed he is working with Rupali and Apara: “I feel blessed to work with the best Bahu which is Rupali ma’am and the best Saas Apara ma’am. I posted a picture as well with both of them and Rupali mam added to her story writing The Gurukul Trio. It is one of the life moments that I get to share a screen with amazing people.”

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