Akasa Singh Opens Up After Her 'Bigg Boss 15' Elimination
‘I Went Into A Shell’, Says Akasa Singh After ‘Bigg Boss 15’ Elimination(Pic Credit: Instagram)

Singer and songwriter Akasa Singh has been evicted from ‘Bigg Boss 15′ house. Host Salman Khan announced her eviction in the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode on Sunday.

Akasa reacted by saying it is unfortunate that just when she had started playing the game with her “heart and emotions”, her elimination happened. But, she pointed out, she was not fitting into the game because of her nature and upbringing.



“Within a week I realised that the way I am, my nature and upbringing are quite different for a show such as this,” Akasa Singh said. “I don’t know how to play dirty games and yell at others when not required. I believe if I would have played my game using my brain more than my heart and emotions, maybe I would have continued. I was lacking in playing tricks or lying to others.”

Akasa Singh added: “Actually, I was not comfortable inside the house. I went into a shell. I was just wondering what kind of people are here and was trying to adjust between them. I am very soft-hearted. Frankly speaking, it was so difficult for me to nominate anyone in the house as I have established relations with everyone.”

She continued: “I can’t keep my emotions aside and if I felt that by saying something, I would hurt someone, I just preferred to be silent. But this sort of thing is not meant for ‘Bigg Boss’. So, housemates used to think I am too nice for the show and this was not working in my favour. Of course, I was opening up, but then, this eviction happened.”

Pointing to what really happens inside the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, Akasa said: “This is strange. Simba (the other housemate who was nominated by the contestants) and I have good terms with everyone. But I have seen that inside the house there is no value in developing friendships. It helps rather to shout at or fight with the others, or loudly put your point across in front of others. I am not used to it.”

Akasa Singh believes that Vishal Kotian is more focused on planning and that he is not revealing his real self to anyone. “Vishal plays a lot of tricks in the tasks. He is someone else to your face and completely different behind it. His game is not at all crystal clear and frankly, I can’t understand his so-called plans. He is playing a dirty game and everyone inside the house realises that behind you he’ll say something, but in front of you, his words will be completely different and he’ll be so nice.”

Continuing to narrate her experience, she said: “I didn’t like the game Afsana was playing initially, but later she changed herself. I can’t understand Miesha’s game. She was so good otherwise, but when a task is given, she says so many mean things and engages in personal attacks.”

According to Akasa, Pratik Sehajpal is very clean-hearted, even as she denies all the stories going around that he is behind her, or that she sees her brother in Pratik. “My parents are so protective of me and the way you know things were presented in the show, they conveyed the wrong impression. Actually, inside the house, many people used to tell me to be careful of Partik, and having not seen him on OTT, my parents assumed many things based on what they heard. But when I came back home, mom said to me that she was glad Pratik was there, for he was the only one who cared for you in the house.”

Continuing about Pratik, Akasa said: “I never considered him to be my brother. In fact, he is my BFF. He was the closest to me inside the house. My mom was mistaken, but later she realised the truth.

“Pratik is really playing the game very well. And though I don’t like many of his ways, for which I used to fight with him. That is why he always comes out as a villain in every task, though his intentions are never wrong. He is a very strong-headed and stubborn person and tries to find loopholes, but he is completely a different personality and never plays dirty games.”

On the likely potential winner, Akasa gave a straightforward reply: “I would want Pratik wins. He is giving his 100 percent in every task and playing the game with complete dedication, so he is the one person I feel who deserves the trophy. And a close second, I would say, is Karan, who has shown his leadership qualities. People tend to follow him.”

Akasa Singh is now going to focus on writing songs and acting too. She said: “Simba and I have planned that whenever he comes out of the house, we will do a music video together and Simba will be singing in it. I will also focus on acting now.”

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