Aditya Narayan Reacts To Indian Idol 12 Trolls!
Aditya Narayan Reacts To Indian Idol 12 Trolls: “Shashtaang Pranaam To All & God Bless You”(Pic Credit : Instagram/adityanarayanofficial, IMDb)

Indian Idol 12 has long been on the receiving end of a backlash. It all happened over a Kishore Kumar special episode that disappointed the viewers. Many felt that the contestants along with Neha Kakkar and Himesh Reshammiya weren’t up to the mark in their tributes. Even the legendary singer’s son Amit Kumar had similar thoughts. And even since host Aditya Narayan spoke in favour of the show, he’s been receiving backlash.


As most know, Aditya has multiple times spoken on the matter. Initially, he mentioned how Amit Kumar could have simply mentioned his inputs and the makers would have been happy to incorporate them. He also reacted to all the trolls and said they were facing the wrath of IPL being canceled.


But it seems, the trolls wouldn’t stop targeting Aditya Narayan. Reacting to the same in a conversation with SpotboyE, the Indian Idol 12 host now says, “To all those who are trolling and lashing out at me I say, Shashtaang Pranaam to all and God bless you. I feel like that cheetah who wouldn’t move to prove he’s the fastest in a dog race. Sometimes trying to prove your point is an insult to your own intelligence and experience. This is how I feel while defending arguably the best collection of contestants on a reality show. Indian Idol is the no.1 reality show for 26 weeks running. Do I need to defend it?”

This is also really sad for all the young contestants of Indian Idol 12 who have to witness the ugly side of being in the limelight. Talking about it, Aditya Narayan said, “Accha hai. They are getting to know the harsh reality of the world outside the reality show. As their fans grow, so will the critics. It is inevitable.”

Do you think it is fair to troll Aditya Narayan and the Indian Idol 12 team? Share with us in the comment section below.

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