From TVF Cubicles To MX Player Basement Company, 5 Workplace Shows To Binge On, If You Miss Going To The Office
5 Workplace Shows To Binge On, If You Miss Going To The Office

Do you miss taking your chai or coffee breaks in the office, or stepping out to binge on some nice samosas or wadas from your favorite tapri perhaps, or those conversations with colleagues during lunch hour? Hope this got you all nostalgic already! If yes, we have put together a list of 5 exciting shows to help you relive your fond office memories, while working from home.

1. Cubicles: Whether it’s your first job or your tenth, Cubicles by TVFPlay is sure to bring back memories of your first day on the job. Revolving around 22-year-old Piyush Prajapati, who is just out of college, the show captures his entry into the IT sector. His challenges and antics, the way he learns the ropes is all captured in a feel-good way, that’s also inspiring. If you have missed watching this series, it is surely one to watch!



2. The Interns: Interns by TVFPlay is a refreshing series about three young girls who are hired as interns at a prestigious magazine. Being fairly new entrants on the workspace, and having to deal with a difficult boss ensures there is no dearth of drama throughout the show. As they deal with her constant bickering, they realize the job is not as easy as it sounds. The show dwells on their ups and downs, learning and more in this journey along with lots of drama!

3. Please Find Attached Season 2: In season 1 of Please Find Attached, we were introduced to Sanya and Shaurya, and their workplace antics, which brought them close. As the story progresses in season 2, we can’t help but feel nostalgic. Seeing them take chai breaks on the office terrace, and watching them diss, but secretly enjoy the free chai and samosa parties at work for small occasions or events brings back fond memories, and is a must-watch, if you miss office gossip, and hanging out with your work BFFs!

4. Official Chukyagiri: This show by MX Player is a fun watch, giving you a glimpse of the corporate world with a twist of heartwarming dramedy as well. In its first season, the show highlights the story of a CEO played by digital fame, Sumeet Vyas who goes berserk as he is left with only two months to save his company. In its second season, the show was titled Official CEOgiri. Here you can enjoy more than a few laughs as Sumeet presents his worldviews on corporate life with double the drama and fun. In Season 3, aptly called Official Bhootiyagiri, the drama heightens as they showcase individual lives in a typical office environment.

5. Basement Company: Just when we thought working from home was a novel concept, did you ever imagine working out of a basement? That’s exactly what happens in Basement Company on MX Player. First jobbers Raj, Simran, and Rahul are forced to work in the basement of an office called “PunjaBeats” as the company is undergoing a major revamp for business purposes. Do they survive? .. How did they deal with challenges in their workplace? How do they juggle with friendships, relationships, and workplace issues, this is what forms the crux of the show, making it a must-watch.

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