Cubicles By TVF Review: Star Cast: Abhishek Chauhan, Nidhi Bisht, Arnav Bhasin, Shivankit Singh Parihar, Badri Chavan, Niketan Sharma, Sameer Saxena


Director: Chaitanya Kumbhakonum

Created By: Amit Golani

Streaming On: TVF Play

Cubicles By TVF Review: What’s It About? & How’s The Screenplay?

Piyush is excited for his first job because he will be finally independent and will no longer have to take permission from his father for Goa trips. But life in a typical IT company and to be specific in an IT company cubicle is not as simple as he expected.

On his first day of job, he faces more problems then anyone can think of. He gets late because the biometric attendance system is not working for him. His boss gets angry for copying code from stack exchange and using it on a live project and so much more. But things are not always dark.

As he enters this new territory in his life journey he has so much to explore. Sweet and salty, he tastes it all and that’s the story of Cubicles.

I am personally a huge admirer of TVF’s shows like Permanent Roommates, Pitchers, Tripling, Kota Factory and a few more but, to be honest, Cubicles just don’t create that impression.

The major reasons behind this I felt are some flaws in writing whether intentional or unintentional I don’t know. I watched the first three episodes of the show and my biggest issue is that an IT company’s environment is not as dark as it has been shown.

Like the team leader and one of the person from the top management has been shown getting angry over Piyush on his first day of job only. I’ve worked in so many companies, tech and media both. While I agree that the work and management’s pressure gets way too much so many times but people don’t jump all over you on the first day itself.

Also, there’s a scene in which Piyush has a breakdown and he goes to the ladies toilet to cry. I think it was too filmy to show him doing a goof-up like that. Also, we have seen many filmy characters doing such mistakes earlier that it wasn’t even entertaining or funny by any mean. And then the way Piyush manages to convince Megha to allow him to use her corporate card for shopping was unconvincing. The way he calls her in the night was meant to be stupid but was too stupid to believe. And the list can go on..

But I liked some sweet and realistic moments which this show has to offer. The ‘punny’ jokes of Piyush, the way he takes off tie in the office lift when he notices no one is wearing it, his conversation with dad about savings and later realising its importance. The track of Piyush and IT guy during a working weekend and how they enjoy Goa vibes in office. TVF’s shows always keep entertainment and realism together and the best thing about their writers is they have the right thought process. Everytime, A TVF show comes its characters are so close to reality. They have a character arc, a story of their own which makes the viewer naturally feel connected to them. Cubicals partially has that quality but it has it.

Also special marks to the brand integration. TVF has aced the art of brand integration and we all have seen how well they made the brand a character itself in Permanent Roommates, Pitchers and even in Tripling. With Cubicles, they have done the same.

Cubicles By TVF Review (Initial): Will Take You On Nostalgic Trip Of First Job But Not That Effectively
Cubicles By TVF Review (Initial): Will Take You On Nostalgic Trip Of First Job But Not That Effectively

Cubicles By TVF Review: How Are The Performances & Direction?

Performances are just about fine to be precise. No one in the show has performed to an extent which can be termed as very good or extraordinary.

Abhishek Chauhan as Piyush is expressive and has done a good work but it’s far from memorable. But it’s just a start of his career so a good performance from his okey.

Nidhi Bisht hasn’t done anything what she hasn’t done before. Megha is a character which is very much in her comfort zone so she did it just well. I really hope to see her doing something really out of her comfort zone now.

Shivankit Singh Parihar is good and has his own moments but again he is capable of doing more interesting characters. Neither the character he plays nor his performance is good enough here.

Arnav Bhasin, Badri Chavan, Niketan Sharma & Sameer Saxena are decent in their own respective small roles.

Chaitanya Kumbhakonum has done a good job and has tried to keep the things as authentic as possible. The whole set up looks real and even though there are a few problems with writing, he has tried to present the story in a fine way.



Cubicles By TVF Review: Music

Music has always been a strong point of TVF shows and this time again it’s really good. The background score and music adds to the value of the narration and moves you.

Cubicles By TVF Review: Final Verdict

Overall, Cubicles lacks the wholesome appeal of a standard TVF show and doesn’t create the desired impression. It may still remind you of your first job and can take you on a nostalgic trip.

Note: Cubicles is a weekly show. First episode is out on TVF Play and the next episode will be out on Dec 17.

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