Cheesecake Review: Star Cast: Jeetendra Kumar, Akanksha Thakur, Aaryan, Kumar Varun, Devika Vatsa, Mahesh Manjrekar

Director: Palash Vaswani

Streaming On: MX Player

Created By: The Viral Fever

Cheesecake Review: What’s It About? & How’s The Screenplay?

Neel and Sameera is just another couple in the big city of Mumbai trying to strike a balance between personal life and profession. However, the equation between them is no more working and despite it being a “love marriage”, the “love” between them is lost. Even if we talk about their professional life, that’s another struggle and they have got hardly any relief here.

This is when a lost dog enters their life and changes their perspective towards life and each other.

Cheesecake is a lovely story where a lost dog helps the couple revive their lost love which is so refreshing. Needless to say, dog lovers are going to fall in love with this show but it doesn’t target dog lovers only.

Cheesecake Review: Let This Small & Beautiful Story Change Your Perspective Towards Life
Cheesecake Review: Let This Small & Beautiful Story Change Your Perspective Towards Life

Gautam Ved’s story takes you on an enlightening and interesting journey where you find out some really fascinating facts about dogs and what goes on in their mind. At the same time, it tells you that life works in mysterious ways. Just when you think there is nothing interesting left in life, it breaks the illusion and breaks your monotony in never expected ways. You may or may not like the changes initially but with the time it all starts making sense.

The screenplay is engaging and crisp and that’s the beauty of shows created by TVF. It has just 5 episodes and each episode has a duration of 20-30 mins so the story keeps itself to the point and doesn’t go here and there. The mundane life of Neel and Sameera has been presented very well. There are more “irritating moments” in their life than “happy moments” but it has been presented so well that you understand and relate to it.

There are several high points in the show that will make your heart warm or will make you laugh. Watch out the outburst scene of Sameera in the first episode only in which she is talking about the 5% increment she has received at her work. The monologue is so well written that it will make you laugh out loud. And then the point when they decide to give the name to the doggie. It’s funny at the same time very beautiful. The “dk bose dk bose” scene will leave you in splits. Then, it’s all about how things start shaping up for better between them and it’s lovely.

Don’t miss the kiss scene between Neel and Sameera. If I am not wrong it’s a first time TVF characters have kissed each other and that’s why it should be a high point for the fans of actors Jeetendra Kumar & Akanksha Thakur. Finale is very good and will leave you with so many thoughts in mind.

Cheesecake Review: How Are The Performances & Direction?

Jeetendra Kumar is a natural actor and he is excellent here as well. There are some emotional scenes and a few in which he gets angry. Those are the high points of his performance and will make his fans happy.

Akanksha Thakur has thrown a big surprise. She is growing beautifully as an actor and is damn good in this one.

Aryan as Cheesecake is so cute and will instantly melt your heart.

Kumar Vatsa has his own funny moments, Devika Vatsa is cute. There’s a small role of Mahesh Manjrekar and its effective. Others are good too in their own respective roles.

Palash Vaswani’s direction is good. He has presented this small and beautiful story in front of the audience in a good way.

Specially loved the background score of Anurag Saikia. Santanu Ghatak’s music is fine. The primary song which plays along with rolling titles will grow on your mind slowly and steadily.

Cheesecake Review: Final Verdict

Overall, Cheesecake is a small but beautiful story that will touch your heart in a big way. Definitely worth the binge-watch.

Rating: 3.5/5

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