Self Isolation is a blessing in disguise. While we have happily adjusted ourselves in limits of day to day life, it’s a time to understand that we have been gifted with infinite time from the supreme power, God. Do you remember the last time when you counted stars look towards the sky? Since you have a lot of free hours in your hands, now is the time to do that.

And while looking at stars if that kid inside you feels curious, here are 5 space-related documentaries on Netflix & Hotstar which you can give a shot to increase your knowledge regarding the universe and multiverses.

5 Space Related Documentaries That Will Take You Straight Into Universe While You Are Bored Of Self Isolation
5 Space Related Documentaries That Will Take You Straight Into Universe While You Are Bored Of Self Isolation

Black Hole Apocalypse

Streaming On: Netflix

Black holes are one of the most fascinating topics regarding space and space travel. It’s a shortcut from one universe to another has anyone ever travelled through it?

With the help of several astrophysicists, NOVA: Black Hole Apocalypse tells you how Black Holes may carry answers to the mystery of the universe and how it evolved.

Death Dive To Saturn

Streaming On: Netflix

Saturn is one of the most beautiful looking planets of our solar system. Thanks to the great collaborative work by the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency, Cassini spacecraft made it into the atmosphere of the planet in September 2017. Its objective was to study the planet and send its info here on Earth.

This documentary covers NASA’s one of the most daring mission i.e. to explore what lies below the beautiful rings of Saturn.

Cosmos: Possible Worlds

Streaming On: Hotstar

A mindblowing informative documentary that will tell you about the origin of our knowledge regarding the cosmos. Popular astrophysicist, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts the documentary and tells how the laws of nature were discovered and how we found our coordinates in space and time.

Mission To The Sun

Streaming On: Hotstar

100 million miles away from Earth, this giant star Sun makes us feel warm and is also majorly responsible for life here. But what lies within the sun actually and is it possible to get close to it?

A tiny spacecraft strong enough to handle the heat and radiations of the sun goes to a mission to collect as much as possible knowledge about the sun.

Mission Pluto

Streaming On: Hotstar

Mission Pluto on Hotstar takes you on a stunning ride to Pluto and makes you a part of its story ever since its discovery in 1930. The documentary talks about NASA’s most daring mission along with space geek Jason Silva.

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