13 Reasons Why Season 4: Top 5 Expectations From The Upcoming Season!
13 Reasons Why Season 4: Top 5 Expectations From The Upcoming Season!

Netflix’s original series 13 Reasons Why is undoubtedly the OTT giant’s most controversial show. And now fans cannot contain their excitement as the giant announced that the fourth and the final season of the show will be releasing on June 5. The video was shared on their official Instagram handle and we saw the cast breaking down realizing it’s all going to be over soon.

So as we head to the final season of the hard-hitting suicide/ murder drama, 13 Reasons Why, all of us have a few questions and expectations from it. While Bryce’s murder mystery was incorrectly solved (head back if you haven’t watched the third season, you have already had a spoiler, many more ahead), there are many loose ends that need to meet their conclusion.



Here are the 5 questions/expectations that we have from season 4 of 13 Reasons Why:

Who Will Be The Final Season Based on?

The third season of 13 Reasons Why ended on the note where Bryce’s murder mystery was solved by proving the wrong person as the killer. It was the group that framed to get themselves saved. In this case, will the fourth season be around finding the real murderer?

Well, a huge spoiler! Monty was finally framed as the murderer, even when he wasn’t on the crime spot. Later, we saw how Winston had confronted Ani who actually put the blame on Monty who was making out with William then. So if the modus operandi of the maker is to go by there is a strong possibility that the season will follow Monty and his story.

What Will Happen To Justin & Jessica’s Relationship?

It was this relationship that changed numerous dynamics on this show. Jessica and Justin together have been witness to a whirlpool of darkness and they have survived it all. Be it the Bryce episode where he raped Jessica, that made her stronger. We later saw them going apart as Justin was battling his own demons.

It was in the third season that even Justin opened up on how he has also gone through sexual abuse in his childhood. How one of his mother’s boyfriend had molested him. Now, as both are on the same grounds and Bryce’s incident has shattered everyone, there is a chance that Jessica and Justin might come together to heal each other.

What Happens To Alex?

This guy right here had a complete character journey from the silent spectator to a guy who is in no mood to take sh*t. Also, big spoiler Alex is the culprit for Bryce. And his father knows that. Now it will be interesting to see if he confronts Alex or not. As we saw his father burn Alex’s clothes which seemed to be the ones he wore on the night of the accident.

Alex also has his own problems including the steroid addiction, the guilt that haunts him, and his on and off relation with Jessica. Let’s see what makers have in store for Alex.

What happens to Tyler’s guns?

Remember season 2’s last episode where Tyler came in the school with the aim of a mass shooting. Then in season 3 how Clay and Tony stopped him covered the situation. We saw them throw all Tyler’s guns into the river and at the end of Season 3, we saw a fisherman find those. Now, was that a clue that things are going back to point zero, and the loop is not yet done? We don’t know. But if that’s true, some old secrets are bound to be spilled.

Will Every Character Get A Conclusion?

This one is a tricky question. 13 Reasons Why has been about suspense, mysteries, and dark secrets that hide somewhere near but seem far. In this case, almost all the characters have some or the other twist around them and it will be a task to bring them all to a single point and give them a conclusion. It will be fun to watch if there is a conclusion or are we going to live with an open-ended story all our lives.

Tell us what are you expecting from 13 Reasons Why Season 4 in the comments section below.

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