Neetu Chandra
Neetu Chandra

Actress Neetu Chandra says that more than her enthusiasm to work with Tamil filmmaker Ameer Sultan, it was a challenge to learn the language that persuaded her to be part of forthcoming Tamil action film “Aadhi Bhagavan”.


“Having heard about Ameer’s work, I expressed my interest to work in his film, but he instantly refused to work with me. When I asked why he wouldn’t work with me, he said I can’t speak Tamil. I took it up as a challenge and ten months later, I learnt and spoke to him in Tamil,” Neetu told IANS.

“At that time he had already cast someone but I don’t know what changed his mind and I was signed on for the project,” she added.

Neetu will be seen opposite Jayam Ravi in the film, which releases Friday. It also features Sudha Chandran, Saiju Kurup, Karuna and Baby Anthony.

The film had been under production for two years, however, Neetu wasn’t affected as she believes creativity is not bound by time.

“I didn’t find it restless to be associated with the project for such a long time. Today, creativity is not time bound and for someone like Ameer, a perfectionist at work, it is highly essential. Audiences look forward to the content in the film, but not how much time was spent on it,” she said.

“Most Hollywood projects take close to a year and even more, but nobody is bothered about it. What’s wrong if a Tamil film takes ample time in coming to the theatres? Ameer is confident of his work and I am sure the outcome will be positive,” she added.

Produced by J. Anbazhgan, the film has been shot in places like Rajasthan, Goa, Chennai, Bangkok, Pattaya, Canada and Hyderabad.

Is Ameer a taskmaster?

“He is definitely a task master and he wouldn’t stop until he is satisfied. There have been instances we have shot non-stop for 30 hours. I may have hated working initially, but with time I followed him and gave exactly what he wanted,” she added.

Meanwhile, Neetu recently grooved to a song in upcoming Tamil comedy Settai, which is a remake of Hindi adult-comedy Delhi Belly. She says it is a promotional song but not an item number.

“I don’t consider it an item number because it is the promotional song in the film for which Aamir Khan grooved in the original. I don’t understand how the same song can now be called an item number. I chose to work in it because it is a good dance number,” Neetu said.

The actress reveals that she is in talks for three Hindi films and one Tamil film.




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