Lakshmi Manchu Feels Tollywood Has Always Been Way Ahead In Storytelling Than Bollywood
Lakshmi Manchu Reacts On Comparisons Between Tollywood & Hindi Film Industry

Even though both the industries are so different, there is always a comparison between Tollywood and Bollywood. Be it movies or fashion or even the award shows, both the industries are always at par. But off late there has been a notion that films down South have surpassed Bollywood when it comes to content. Well, we had the very talented Lakshmi Manchu, who spoke her heart out on the comparisons.


Films like Bangalore Diaries, Kumbalangi Nights, Jalaikattu, Super Delux, Angamaly Diares, Aaranya Kaandam – they have just raised the bar of what India as an industry can achieve. So we really wanted to hear from someone who has been closely following both Tollywood and Bollywood about this.


The moment we asked Lakshmi Manchu if she also feels that Tollywood films have surpassed Bollywood in terms of content writing, she smiled. “We have always been way ahead in our storytelling than Bollywood has been,” was her reply.

“Bollywood did have some great movies, but somewhere along the way, the commercials played more value than the stories that we were telling. And, that took more precedence I think. There is a thin line, but if you look at the stats, then we make more wilder, more deeper, more out there content than Bollywood. All your top heroes now are remaking all the south films,” proudly exclaimed Lakshmi Manchu.

We also wanted to know that which is that one South film remake in Bollywood that she really likes? Without wasting a minute, Lakshmi replied Ghajini. “If Surya did a fantastic job I thought nobody could beat Surya and then Aamir Khan took it and then he went completely a notch way above.”

Most of us are aware of the love that Lakshmi Manchu has for Aamir Khan. So we had expected this answer from her. But, did you know that she is quite upset with Aamir and the reason is quite funny. Lakshmi went on to say, “I am going on saying ‘I love you’, ‘I love you’ not one message from him, I am very upset.”

We absolutely feel you! And we just hope that Aamir Khan responds to your message ASAP!

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