Lakshmi Manchu Exclusively Reveals The Reason Behind Avoiding Aamir Khan
Lakshmi Manchu’s Reason About Avoiding Aamir Khan Is Hilarious – Exclusive(Pic credit – Lakshmi Manchu/ Instagram; Aamir Khan/Facebook )

How many of you fell in love with Aamir Khan after watching Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak? We are sure there must be a lot of you. Well, we do not deny that you may be a big fan of the Dangal actor, but there is one actress who tops this list, and that is Lakshmi Manchu.

Her undying love for Aamir is growing with every passing year, and she is very vocal about it. As the actress rightly said that there is not one interview of her, that would go without the mention of Aamir. And something similar happened in our interview as well.

We were playing a fun game with Lakshmi Manchu, where we asked her about her first heartbreak. The reply was instantaneous. “Aamir Khan yo! Like I was crying in a jewellery store. I don’t even remember which grade I was in, maybe 4th or 5th grade. Like word to word together, I put and read, and my mom was buying jewellery, and I felt a pain in my heart. That’s when I knew that he was my true love.” Lakhsmi was referring to the moment when she came to know about Aamir’s wedding.

We were curious to know that when was it that Lakshmi Manchu developed a crush on Aamir Khan? She replied, “Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak! I mean I think I watched the movie for like a hundred and fifty times or more. That tape died a few deaths.” Now tell us, is there anyone who can beat this number?

Anyway, we asked Lakshmi if she ever happened to try to contact Aamir or meet him. She replied, “No! I think that is when I will really make a fool out of myself. There were times when we were at the same place and at the same time, and I so brilliantly avoided it. Like I would have maybe done a chicken dance if I saw him. So, I did not want to put myself in any of that kinda situation. He was shooting in Ooty with Yash Chopra Ji when I was a kid. My dad was also shooting at the same time, and we were all in the same hotel. I would just walk past his room and feel my heartbeat extra.”

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