Anand Deverakonda: I can't be the superhuman superstar
Anand Deverakonda: “I Can’t Be The Superhuman Superstar” (Photo Credit – Instagram / Anand Deverakonda )

Telugu actor Anand Deverakonda says he does not want like the idea of boxing himself in doing certain kinds of films, but the parameter that rules his choices is working in authentic cinema.


“In the end you want to reach the widest audience possible. That’s one parameter and any movie you are watching, you want to be entertained. Not necessarily laughing or enjoying it with your friends. It can be romance, subtle drama — like even ‘Before Sunrise‘. The whole series was able to entertain us in a different way,” Anand Deverakonda told IANS.


Anand feels that such films, if done well, will draw people in.

“So I am not going to box myself in doing certain kinds of cinema. One parameter for me is to do authentic cinema. I can’t be the superhuman superstar,” said Anand Deverakonda, brother of Telugu superstar Vijay Deverakonda.

Anand added: “I can’t do those things, right now at least. It will take me 10 to 15 movies to do those. But I am not even thinking that far. I am only thinking of my next movie.”

Anand Deverakonda’s latest film “Middle Class Melodies” dropped digitally recently. The Telugu comedy drama is directed by Vinod Ananthoju and also stars Varsha Bollamma. The film was released on Amazon Prime Videos.

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