Your Honor Review: Jimmy Sheirgill's Show For Sony LIV Is Not A Perfect But Good Thriller Which Deserves You
Your Honor Review: Jimmy Sheirgill’s Show For Sony LIV Is Not A Perfect But Good Thriller Which Deserves You (Photo Credit – sonylivindia/Instagram)

Your Honor Review: Star Cast: Jimmy Sheirgill, Pulkit Makol, Varun Badola, Mita Vashisht, Yashpal Sharma, Parul Gulati, Parag Gupta, Suhasini Mulay

Director: E Niwas

Genre: Crime Thriller

Streaming On: Sony LIV

Your Honor Review: What’s It About? And How’s The Screenplay?

The official remake of 2017 Israeli show of the same title, Your Honor is the story of a session court judge Bishan Khosla trying to save his son Abeer Khosla from a hit and run case. As a righteous judge finds himself stuck between his duty towards law and his son, he chooses the latter. While on the path of hiding a crime, he finds himself committing some more crimes. But there’s more to the story then we know.

Sony LIV’s show is 12 episodes long and each one of them has a duration of 35-40 minutes. It’s really easy to binge-watch Your Honor because it’s tight, engaging, entertaining, and a good thriller that will always keep you looking forward to what happens next.


It is revealed in the first episode itself that the crime has been committed by the son of the judge. So what happens next? As a righteous judge, he obviously takes his son to the police station to report the accident. However, it’s then revealed that the victim is none other than the son of a gangster. The news of the accident is all over the media already which is being considered as a result of the gang war.

The brother of the injured guy is now desperately looking for the person. Bishan gets scared for the life of his son ultimately trying his best to protect him.

The story is set in Ludhiana, Punjab and Your Honor does a good job in showing a side of the state which has been less shown in the films or shows so far. The topic of racism and gang fights has been very well shown in the show and there’s always something happening on the screen which keeps you thoroughly engrossed.

Be it making someone a scapegoat just because he is a “small-time thief” and “Bhaiyya” or using your friends way too much for your benefits, there’s a lot that offers shock value in the show. The show also touches the topic of mental health. It really shows how parents while trying to fulfil their professional responsibilities fail to give desired time to their children and how it makes them feel isolated.

There are so many interesting things going on in the show but on top of everything is that it has been served in the right manner. The ending of the show is also quite shocking and changes your perspective altogether.


The only thing which I didn’t really like here was the mishmash of Hindi and Punjabi in dialogues. As a Punjabi myself, I felt really confused sometimes because the dialogues weren’t well written.

Your Honor Review: How Are The Performances & Direction?

The show is strong on the performance perspective as well.

Jimmy Sheirgill does a very good job as a middle aged judge and father using all his knowledge of the law to protect his son. It is interesting to see him doing all the evil things in the show despite being a judge himself and a lot of times it evokes hate as well. He plays his layered character well. Though I felt he was not at his best because he was pretty inconsistent in the show. There were several scenes where his performance was bothering to be honest. Maybe because he was way too confused about how to mix Hindi and Punjabi dialogues.

Varun Badola as Bishan’s friend and CRPF officer, Kashi Samthar does justice to the role he plays. Neither just his character but his performance also has a lot to offer.

Mita Vashisht shines as the female cop, Kiran Sekhon. She brings out the rusty side of her character well.

The guy who plays Harman has also done a brilliant job in a negative character. Yashpal Sharma is very good. Pulkit Makol is ordinary. Parul Gulati, Parag Gupta, Suhasini Mulay & others are good.

E Niwas has given a very good direction to the show. However it could’ve been better.

Your Honor Review: Final Verdict

Overall, Your Honor is a good thriller that has its own flaws. Nevertheless, it deserves the audience and you must watch it for its interesting storyline and superb performances.

Rating: Three & Half Stars

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