The Casino Review (Zee5): Karanvir Bohra & Mandana Karimi Starrer Is A Race 3 Spin-off No One Asked For
The Casino Review (Zee5): Karanvir Bohra & Mandana Karimi Starrer Is A Race 3 Spin-off No One Asked For

The Casino Review: Star Rating: 1/5 (One Star)

Do you know when people revolt about filmmakers dumping ‘not worth’ content on OTT? Well, this one here for sure passes that litmus test. The Casino: My Games My Rules is a theatre of the absurd and an unapologetic snooze-fest that made me reconsider my existence. And I am here to save you from doing that. I took this one for you fam!

Cast: Karanvir Bohra, Mandana Karimi, RJ Mantra, Sudhanshu Pandey and ensemble.

What’s The Casino About?

This is going to be a tough one. Not because I might give out Easter eggs, that isn’t even a concern her. I don’t know what I have gone through. I am gonna try! An heir (Karanvir Bohra) to a Casino giant (Sudhanshu Pandey) is trying to navigate through life. The giant’s keep, Rehana with an ‘e’ (Mandana Karimi) wants to overthrow him and be the boss babe. Now, she hatches a plan, works accordingly, kills people, even the boss. Uses her charm to lure Vicky, who falls completely in love with her. Will Rehana kill Vicky? Will Vicky get to know Rehana’s motive? Or is the plan bigger than what we think? Well, I think I created more hype for the show than those 10 episodes could.

What’s Good?

I have compared it with Race 3, you guys! Still, I won’t underestimate the few good points. Listening to Sunidhi Chauhan’s vocals (if I am not wrong) was good. In the final 2 episodes, I could see patchwork was shot by actors at their home amid lockdown. Being “atmanirbhar” is a good point.

The Casino Web Review
The Casino Review (Zee5): Karanvir Bohra and Mandana Karimi Starrer Is a Race 3 Spin-off No One Asked For

What’s Bad?

Grab your popcorn. Okay, so let’s begin with the story or the lack of it in The Casino’s case. Remember when Bollywood made suspense thrillers about the rich? In which the culprit would 9 out of 10 times be the antagonist’s sidekick. Well, this one seems to be an addition. The Casino directed by Hardik Gajjar doesn’t even try to be unique.

It’s the same old formulae, with the same old trick and to further dismay even the twists. Talking about the twist, it seemed like The Casino writer Deepak Pachori wrote the screenplay on the sets, 15 minutes before the shoot every day. And I am not even kidding, parallel plots enter and disappear, never to be spoken again. Characters get no layer except, all of them are in love with power. ORIGINAL!

You can’t even see through a single character. Everything plays on a single tone from the first minute to the last (and these are 10 episodes). Every single character, just like the much spoken about (not in good books) Race 3 is in their different projects.

The Casino’s casting director deserves no mention. If you are going to tell me 45-year-old chiselled Sudhanshu Pandey is father to 37-year-old Karanvir Bohra, the joke is on you. For some reasons, everyone seems to be mimicking, rather than acting.

That brings me to the performances, while Mandana Karimi manages to look beautiful and charming, she has an accent and I am all for it because that is her natural layer. But on that note, why does everyone else in the show have an accent. Aforementioned mimicry added with an accent is the snooze fest I told you in the beginning.

The Casino Review: Last Words:

Not that I am against thrillers, I am a sucker for them. But make them properly. They need to be marinated well and executed religiously. Watch this one if you have nothing to, at your own risk.

The Casino Review: Star Rating: 1/5 (One Star)

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