Why Cheat India Movie Review Rating: 3/5 Stars (Three stars)

Star Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Shreya Dhanwanthary, Ammar Taalwala

Director: Soumik Sen

Why Cheat India Movie Review
Why Cheat India Movie Review: Years Later, Emraan Hashmi Cheats Again & It’s Still Entertaining!

What’s Good: If you’ll watch ‘entertainment as entertainment’ you’ll find the following things good – Emraan Hashmi’s wickedly amazing presence, very smartly penned hilarious dialogues & few revelations of which few of us will not be aware of regarding the education system

What’s Bad: The story is flawed & hence you’ll find a loophole very frequently, very fluctuating graph juggling to keep the pace right & justifying the light blemishes in the script

Loo Break: Forget the movie, you’ve Emraan mouthing the dialogues in his trademarked style – you will not want to miss this sight

Watch or Not?: If you can leave your inner intellectual at home and come alone to enjoy, you should surely watch it


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Rakesh Singh (Emraan Hashmi), a scamster, is a kingpin of a group executing the cheats happening in the top exams throughout the country. He hunts down a scholar student in Satyendra Dubey (Snighadeep Chatterjee) convinces him to write the exams for rich spoilt brats. This inaugurates the easy and grey way for Satyendra aka Sattu to earn money.

He continues to work for Rakesh and finally, after a point of time, he breaks down and surrenders to the pressure. Rakesh, in a shock, moves ahead from that incident and that’s when he starts getting into multiple legal issues. The rest of the story revolves around Rakesh explaining to the world why he’s doing nothing wrong.

Why Cheat India Movie Review
Why Cheat India Movie Review: Years Later, Emraan Hashmi Cheats Again & It’s Still Entertaining!

Why Cheat India Movie Review: Script Analysis

Soumik Sen’s story is weak. It had every potential of being a solid blockbuster having a massive connect. Whoever has read or heard about the film somewhere knows what the story will all be about, but yes, there are certain revelations coming in as a surprise. The problem with the script is it gets too monotonous and hence drags at places. Also, there’s a huge Jannat hangover in the second half.

Emraan Hashmi’s performance saves the movie from falling into a totally unbearable zone. Alphonse Roy’s camera is wobbly in many sequences; its angles are so weird so they derail you from a good scene. Soumik Sen along with Mishkka Shekhawat pen some very interesting dialogues adding to the pluses of the film. Yes, there will be people bashing some factual aspects of the film – why can’t you just enjoy the fun?

Why Cheat India Movie Review: Star Performance

Emraan Hashmi – this man can carry a cliched moustache better than anyone else around. He just tricks you into his charm and makes you believe that he must be the same in real life too. As Rakesh Singh, he’s wicked and grey. He convinces you to trust him that he’s this era’s Robinhood.

Shreya Dhanwanthary is outstanding in the second half; don’t miss out on her in a breakdown scene. She looks & acts cute but excels in the scenes that demand the display of expressions. Snighadeep Chatterjee as Sattu delivers a believable and important performance. You can see a genuine and sincere Engineering student in him without any gimmicks.

Manuj Sharma as Rakesh’s friend Bablu lacks to provide a desired supporting performance because of poor writing. He’s a very good actor and we know what he can bring to the table. Special mention for the actress who plays Emraan’s wife in the film, her character is hilarious and we deserved more such ones.

Why Cheat India Movie Review: Direction, Music

Soumik Sen’s direction is very run-of-the-mill and because of very dull production values, it never shines. If you see from the eyes of a layman, there are no major complaints. He could’ve done better with a better script in hand.

None of the songs click apart from Mohan Kanan’s Kaamyaab. The sad version of the song, which isn’t in the album, is amazingly penned by Juhi Saklani and it just helps you to build an emotional connect with certain scenes. Neel Adhikari’s background score is ordinary. There are some sound effects used at places which just levels down the quality of those scenes.

Why Cheat India Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, Cheat India is informatively entertaining and Emraan Hashmi makes sure to maintain this throughout. Yet another, honest attempt by Emraan to prove why he can do a lot more. Skipping the preachy route, the movie just delves into a fun zone and that’s where it wins some brownie points.

Three stars!

Why Cheat India Trailer

Why Cheat India releases on 18 January, 2019.


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  1. Emraan is the most dashing and handsomest actor in the whole wood either bolly or Hollywood. Why cheat India is the block buster movie it can break box office record


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