Undekhi Review (SonyLIV): A BRILLIANT Mash-Up Of Mirzapur & Made In Heaven
Undekhi Review (SonyLIV): A BRILLIANT Mash-Up Of Mirzapur & Made In Heaven

Undekhi Review (SonyLIV): Star Rating: 3.5/5 stars (Three and A Half Star)

Undekhi Review (SonyLIV): Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Surya Sharma, Harsh Chhaya, Abhishek Chauhan, Ayn Zoya, Apeksha Porwal, Ankur Rathee, Anchal Singh

Director: Ashish R. Shukla

Created By: Siddharth Sengupta

Undekhi Review: What’s It About?

If you’ve seen Made In Heaven and Mirzapur, consider Undekhi as their ‘out of wedlock’ child. Not to demean all things great this show is, it has its individuality and mixes people of two contrasting worlds. It’s about an ‘insignificant’ murder that happens at the wedding of hot-shot millionaire families in Manali. It’s Teji (Anchal Singh) and Daman’s (Ankur Rathee) wedding, both of them belonging to very powerful families.



While Daman has just returned from States and has no connection with the corrupt associations of his family, his father’s right hand Rinku (Surya Sharma) is the master behind those corrupt associations. Papaji (Harsh Chhaya) is the male chauvinist drunkard head of the family. So, it’s all about the eye-witnesses of the murder which includes a video film team versus Rinku Paaji.

Undekhi Review: What Works?:

It’s intriguing from the word go & doesn’t take much time to settle the viewers to its zone. It follows the contrasting route of having picturesque locations (Manali) and gory happenings. It’s like shooting a thriller on the sets of a romantic film. Four pillars of this film are Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Surya Sharma, writing that keeps you glued and Harsh Chhaya abusing the sh*t out of any living & non-living thing coming his way (basically, his performance).

Undekhi Review (SonyLIV): A BRILLIANT Mash-Up Of Mirzapur & Made In Heaven
Undekhi Review (SonyLIV): A BRILLIANT Mash-Up Of Mirzapur & Made In Heaven

Halfway into it and the makers start taking some bold decisions. There’s an entire action sequence choreographed with the BGM of a slow romantic song being performed at the wedding – loved it.

Murzy Pagdiwala’s camera smoothly captures all the appalling as well as appealing things happening throughout.

Surya Sharma as Rinku evokes many chills with his perfectly sculpted poker-face. Harsh Chhaya acts like one of your friend from the party who’s sloshed but still wants another drink. After a point of time, his abuses act like music to your ear. Just a suggestion to SonyLIV’s marketing team, make a rap-song out of Harsh Chhaya’s abuses.

The best thing about the show will be the calmness of Dibyendu Bhattacharya. One of the best characters written for an Inspector, sorry DSP (though that joke gets repetitive). The way he randomly starts singing random songs is such a common trait but is handled with perfection by Dibyendu Da. One primary reason why his character works is the way Police is shown in this series. A perfectly balanced view on the whole scenario of police VS rich goons. Ayn Zoya gets everything right from playing mind-games to retaining her quirk of being who she is. Abhishek Chauhan maintains an emotional connect with the viewers through his balanced performance. Apeksha Porwal plays a convincing tribal girl. She perfects the walk and talk of her character Koyal and rarely slips out of it. Ankur Rathee and Anchal Singh make a cute couple and are pretty decent.

Undekhi Review: What Doesn’t Work?

The writing falters during the jungle portions of the series. There should have been more thrillers, but now they just add to the time. Also, as they say, no thriller is perfect, and this too has its fair share of flaws. A couple of sub-plots just doesn’t click and are added only to mould the story conveniently. Music by Anuj Danait and Shivam Sengupta is no great shakes. I’m not coming out with any memorable song. Even the background score lacked polish; it just gets too loud in specific sequences.

Undekhi Review: Last Words

All said and done, (I know many would have attempted this, but I still want to) Undekhi should never remain ‘Undekhi’. It’s a must-watch for those who debate about why this industry isn’t making good thrillers. This is for you!

Three and a half stars!

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