Samantar Review Star Rating: 3/5 stars ( Three Stars)

Samantar Movie Review: How refreshing is it that regional filmmakers are trying to create content that will speak to Pan India audience. Starring Swwapnil Joshi, Samantar adapted from a book by same name is partially predictable, partially intriguing but a good note to open doors for regional content.

Cast: Swwapnil Joshi, Tejaswini Pandit, Ganesh Revadekar and Jayant Savarkar.

Available on: MX Player

Samantar Review (MX Player): Swwapnil Joshi's Web Debut Is Partially Predictable Partially Intriguing But A Good Step In The Digital Space For Regional Content
Samantar Review (MX Player): Swwapnil Joshi’s Web Debut Is Partially Predictable Partially Intriguing But A Good Step In The Digital Space For Regional Content

What’s Samantar about?

Made in Marathi, dubbed in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, Samantar is an adaptation of the book by Suhas Shirwalkar that goes by the same name. The series follows a man Kumar Mahajan (Swwapnil), who is fed up of his socio economic condition and the problems that follow. His friend Sharad one day takes him to an astrologer who reveals that Kumar is living a destiny that has already been lived by someone a few decades ago.

What begins ahead is Kumar’s quest to find this man. His deep dive into superstition and the puddle that pulls him deeper accommodates the majority runtime. Will Kumar meet his doppelganger? Is the prophecy true? Will he be able to win the race with destiny? Samantar satisfactorily answers all these question.

What’s Good?

Firstly, I have seen the show in Marathi, anything not similar to this in other dubs, heads up in the comments please. Okay let’s begin. As said this is a good step to the brighter and flourishing future for the regional content. Directed by Satish Rajwade who also makes his web debut with Joshi, Samantar manages to invest in its mysteries and its twist as much as it involves its characters.

We meet Kumar his wife Neema played by an impressive Tejaswini Pandit, their surroundings are lived in. All you need to do is know these characters who’s house you have entered through those narrow lanes. Production design needs the credit for bringing the much needed real element in the show.

Satish Rajwade and Swwapnil have already collaborated on their massively loved 2013 Marathi film Duniyadari (which is my favourite too) and Samantar sets the two together in a different genre altogether.

Acting performances by the main cast is decent and enough to get the job done, nothing out of the box, maybe less. The one who stands out is Tejaswini though, this is point of debate that her character is pitched too high but for me she took the plot up whenever it started to dip a bit. Swwpanil gets the atheist, always pissed and abusing when needed note right, he follows the brief religiously.


After first 2 slow episodes, Samantar catches its pace and sets off on a quest to crack the prophecy. The 9 episodes long series ends on a cliff hanger where a man is trying to rule his destiny, promising second season and a employment chance for everyone involved.

What Doesn’t Work?

What the show gets wrong is the proportion of melodrama. In parts that involve Joshi’s family, his friend, melodrama gets a bit too high and you don’t need to be a expert to observe that.

The Background Music department would have played and done wonders with a show like Samantar, but they fail to create any impact. The show is a suspense thriller, the man in question isn’t a ghost, in parts BGM resembling to a horror film is a misfit. If your idea was to mislead audience so they are shocked by the big reveal, it did not work.

That brings me to the big reveal. I invested 6 episodes to know who Sudarshan Chakrapani, the man who has lived Kumar’s destiny is. The big reveal that is awaited comes without any hype and even the conversation between the two failed to evoke much ecstasy in me since it all became too predictable. Maybe makers have a plan to dig deep into this meeting in the next season. Optimistic!

Swwapnil Joshi, though a celebrated and hit actor in the Marathi film industry, has impressed me a very few times. In Samantar he gets his job right but with limited expressions. The actor has to open up for a show that demands a platter of those. Also, I hope the characters are edged well in the next season and we get to know them beyond the main plot that is rich but needs support.

A spoiler, in the second half when Kumar and Neema break into a wild make out session hitting each other, it is a out of character move and rather unneeded.

Samantar Review: Last Words:

Samantar is a harmless show that is bound to have its audience. With a mystery quotient perfect to get into all minds possible, the show will be welcomed. Watch it for the evolution of content, for Swwapnil if you are a fan. Also if the current situation has left you house arrested, you can give it a chance.

Samantar Review Star Rating: 3/5 stars ( Three Stars)

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