Lootere Review: Hansal Mehta Leading This 'Sea-Nic' Pirate Attack Offers A Guide On How To Rule Hell But Doesn't Reach The Crowning Ceremony!
Lootere Review Out: Hansal Mehta & His Team Engage In An Unseen Pirate Attack! ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Lootere Review: Star Rating:

Cast: Deepak Tijori, Martial Batchamen Tchana, Avanish Pandey, Amruta Khanvilkar, Rajat Kapoor, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Gaurav Sharma, Gaurav Paswala

Showrunner: Hansal Mehta

Director: Jai Mehta

Streaming On: Disney Hotstar

Language: Hindi

Runtime: 8 episodes/40 minutes each

Lootere Review: Hansal Mehta Leading This 'Sea-Nic' Pirate Attack Offers A Guide On How To Rule Hell But Doesn't Reach The Crowning Ceremony!
Rajat Kapoor In A Scene From Lootere ! ( Photo Credit – DisneyPlus Hotstar / YouTube )

Lootere Review: What’s It About:

“Jannat mein naukar banne se accha, nark mein raja bano” is the motto of a man called Vikrant Gandhi, who is settled in Somalia with his wife and son. Vikrant is on the verge of losing the presidential elections for the port authority while he aims to be the most powerful man in the business.

What’s the business? Obviously, what is a Gujarati without trading? But also, obviously, this cannot be clear and honest business since we told you that this man is clear on his vision – He wants to rule hell.

So things go haywire when Vikrant’s most important consignment of weapons (Read ILLEGAL) coming to Somalia gets hijacked by pirates. The ship with an all-Indian crew gets dragged into this attack, and then Vikrant has to enter to strike a deal to save the crew and not let the matter reach the whiff of the governments of both countries. However, things turn more chaotic, violent, and gripping as his efforts go downhill, and he turns out to be the worst escape-route planner in the history of hijacks, probably.

Lootere Review: What Works:

The series created by Shaailesh R Singh offers a very fresh platter for you to gorge on. The premise of a pirate attack and the setting of Somalia drags you on the first go. Anshuman Sinha’s story is definitely impressive, and Achint Thakkar’s music uplifts the mood of the story naturally, making it an intriguing watch.

The African setup and authentic casting make it distinctly aloof from all the content you must have watched in recent years. Showrunner Hansal Mehta‘s vision for such fresh worlds is terrific – be it the Indian trading market in Scams or the journalism ‘industry’ in media with Scoop.

Now, he presents another unseen, unexplored territory with Lootere. The crew, suffocating in the hidden places of the ship while the pirates attack, the family of a shrewd businessman trying to adjust to the African society and a cunning businessman making a fool out of himself at every step after losing an illegal consignment worth millions, all together cook up an intriguing tale to keep you engrossed with the story.

Lootere Review: Hansal Mehta Leading This 'Sea-Nic' Pirate Attack Offers A Guide On How To Rule Hell But Doesn't Reach The Crowning Ceremony!
Vivek Gomber Leads Lootere ! ( Photo Credit – DisneyPlus Hotstar / YouTube )

Lootere Review: Star Performance:

You have access to only two episodes, and the upcoming episodes in the web series will offer an elaborate world that includes Deepak Tijori, Aamir Ali, and others. For the first two episodes, Vivek Gomber holds the narrative tight, while the crew you see will surprise you over the eight episodes, which will drop in the weekly pattern.

Lootere Review: What Doesn’t Work:

Written by Vishal Kapoor, Suparn S Varma will slowly become too long a tale to stick to. As much as the world of pirates and Somalia, in general, would intrigue you, the initial episodes will lack any new information to startle you. Probably, a little insight into the African world in a series set up in Africa would have been a brilliant move.

Lootere Review: Last Words:

The web series definitely needs your attention as it would offer you an unexplored territory. However, it gradually becomes an unnecessarily long tale that is not uninteresting. Though it made me feel tired by the end, you might enjoy it since every episode will be offered to you periodically!

3 stars.

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