When I saw the promo of Netflix series ‘Living With Yourself‘ starring Paul Rudd, I was curious to know what the series will be about. I was eager to know how will the makers entertain me with the concept of a double role which has been used in innumerous movies and shows.

However, watching Living With Yourself proved to be one of the best decisions. The series is about character Miles Elliot (played by Paul Rudd) who is unhappy with his life, job, and even his married life. Miles’ unhappiness and no zeal to live or do anything affects his marriage with Kate (played by Aisling Bea). Even Kate is not quite happy with Miles due to his lack of interest in getting his life together and their failure to have a child together.

Living With Yourself Review: Double Dosage Of Paul Rudd Is A Perfect Binge Watch For Everyone!
Living With Yourself Review: Double Dosage Of Paul Rudd Is A Perfect Binge Watch For Everyone!

One day, one of Miles’ co-workers suggest him about a spa called “Top Happy Spa” which changes a person and the way they feel about themselves. The spa promises people to give a “being a better version of yourself” but who thought they literally mean it! The spa clones a person who is the best version of these unhappy people. However, the real person dies and is buried later. However, Miles is fortunate enough to survive even after being buried. However, his life entirely changes when he meets clone Miles living his life. Everything changes and just like real Miles, even you don’t expect what happens in the story further.

Living With Yourself is a perfect dosage of comedy, love, dark humour and stresses a lot on mental health. It focuses on how people quest to be ‘perfect’ and would do anything to fit into society’s definition of the same. He envies clone Mike because he is funny, he is charming and can easily finish any tricky task and even manages to win over Kate. He feels less of himself and hence, real Miles starts hating clone Miles.


On the other hand, clone Miles is perfect yet after some time, he starts to feel lonely. With the series of events that happen in the show, him being the best and flawless becomes trouble for him. He not only starts to feel lonely but also suicidal.

Thus, the series rightly manages to tell us that mental health is a serious issue and can affect anyone, whether they love themselves or not.

Kudos to Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris’ direction for directing every episode with required thrill, suspense, humour and drama. Timothy Greenberg’s writing can be termed superlative because the story holds your attention from the beginning.

Paul Rudd gives a phenomenal performance as Miles and clone Miles. The way he managed to differently portray both the Miles is applause-worthy as it feels like two different actors have played the roles.

Aisling Bea gives a striking and strong performance as Kate. When she delivers her dialogues, you want to keep listening to her talk just like one of the Miles!

The series ends on quite an emotional note. A big revelation happens in the end and we can’t wait to see how the lives of both the Miles and everyone around them shape up further.

Overall, Living With Yourself is an apt binge-watch for you. It’s a mixed and balanced bag of entertainment with a lot to learn about life and self!

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