Kota Factory Season 3 Review
Kota Factory Season 3 Out (Photo Credit –YouTube)

Kota Factory Season 3 Review: Star Rating:

Cast: Jitendra Kumar, Vaibhav More, Ranjan Raj, Alam Khan, Ahsaas Channa, Revathi Pillai, Urvi Singh, Rajesh Kumar, Tilottama Shome

Creator: Arunabh Kumar

Director: Pratish Mehta

Streaming On: Netflix

Language: Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil

Runtime: 5 Episodes of 40 minutes each

Kota Factory Season 3 Review
Kota Factory Season 3 Review(Photo Credit –YouTube)

Kota Factory Season 3 Review: What’s It About:

Kota Factory initially started with a bunch of 14 – 15-year-old kids left at what was called the educational capital of India – Kota. These young minds were then prepared to face the toughest examinations in India – IIT, NEET, and more. The show started highlighting the minor flaws in the coaching system as well.

But the focal point of Kota Factory became Jeetu Bhaiya, who brought the whole series together by playing Dronacharya to these kids on the battlefield. But this Dronacharya did not segregate these kids into Kauravas and Pandavas – the studious and the less studious batch.

The second season came with a more scattered storyline, with personal problems of these students taking over and Jeetu Bhaiya shifting his loyalties. He also explained to his students the lesson of growth – be it personal or professional. Setting up his own institute – Aimers.

The third season of Kota Factory has finally shifted equilibrium, maintaining a balance between the struggles of a teacher in Kota the struggles of the students. Jeetu Bhaiya finally feels emotionally eaten up as he copes with the suicide of a student who was not ready to give JEE Advance and wanted to settle with an NIT. Jeetu Bhaiya pushed her to aim higher, but she surrendered to life after a failure.

Does the success and struggle of a students is the same as that of their teachers? Kota Factory season 3 dissects it, failing at times but gaining in high moments.

Kota Factory Season 3 Review: Script Analysis:

The five episodes of this season have been neatly dissected into five generic student issues, with the entire season relying on Jeetu Bhaiya‘s personal war. While Jeetu Bhaiya deals with mental health issues, he fights like a war hero for his students as well – solving their issues of low self-esteem and getting jealous at someone else’s success in the first episode, calling them out when they get attracted to easier money making path forgetting about their real goals, giving them tricks when they are demotivated taking pre-mature chances at the exam and failing.

Kota Factory Season 3 Review
Kota Factory Season 3 Review(Photo Credit –YouTube)

Kota Factory Season 3 Review: Star Performance:

This time, Kota Factory introduces Rajesh Kumar (Rosesh Sarabhai) and Tilottama Shome as Jeetu Bhaiya’s left and right hands. While Rajesh Kumar’s less act shines, forming the deep and strong footing of the show, Tillotama’s Pooja Didi definitely is the future of this series (if it extends.)

Amongst the students, pressure on Mayur More to lead the story is definitely visible on-screen since he struggles to struggle in some of the most important scenes of the five-episode web series. Ranjan Raj’s Rajmukund Meena probably gets the brightest of the highs this time with his personal struggle, him seeking solutions to his struggle and finally turning into a replica of Jeetu Bhaiya.

Kota Factory Season 3 Review: Direction & Music:

This season has been directed by Pratish Mehta who has made sure to bring the season to a better and mature conversation about Kota and highlighting the real issues of this education capital, which currently fights capitalism and trapping young minds unnecessarily. However, there have been moments when Pratish lacks to maintain the quality of his own product or he falls short of his own higher set bar.

For instance, the monologue that Vaibhav finally delivers, venting out his anger, frustration, and desperation, looks like a rather animated version of Kartik Aaryan’s Pyaar Ka Punchnama dialogue set on the same beat and rhythm as well. The similarity is so uncanny that it immediately snatches the importance and seriousness of the scene with a blink!

Similarly, while the dampness in the walls of Jitendra Kumar‘s Jeetu Bhaiya’s home getting a paint coating but re-arriving aligning with the lows of Jeetu Bhaiya’s personal struggles should have been magical strongly backed with a good writing. But the moment just builds up but never achieves its goal.

Similarly, the music of Kota Factory this time seems a little bit out of place. Probably at times, because of the script, the music settled, but it was vice-versa for most of the parts in totality. For instance, the song Main Bola Hey arrives at a point in the series that totally left me clueless about Vaibhav’s struggles and the intensity of his emotions.

Kota Factory Season 3 Review
Kota Factory Season 3 Review(Photo Credit –YouTube)

Kota Factory Season 3 Review: What Works

Jeetu Bhaiya is on a journey to find his ‘Jeevan ka Satya’ this season and it is an interesting take to make this story around Kota more balanced. Jeetu’s struggle to decide whether to play Dronacharya or Krishna in his students’ lives seems very genuine. The struggle between turning Guru or Sir, Sir or Bhaiya keeps taking the lead of the story, and it is interesting to see Jeetu Bhaiya’s flaws and failures put at the table as well while he tries to run a coaching institute.

The debate this time gets bigger with questions about the educational policies for students and Jeetu Bhaiya getting a chance to correct them. He talks about the flaws in the system and struggles to find solutions of millions of problems even if we consider one personal problem one student at a time.

Kota Factory Season 3 Review
Kota Factory Season 3 Review(Photo Credit –YouTube)

Kota Factory Season 3 Review: What Doesn’t Work

There are moments when the story drops or disconnects. Be it Vartika’s issue of dealing with low self-esteem in front of her boyfriend, or be it Shivangi getting cold feet before the examination. While Jeetu Bhaiya brings a female teacher hinting about the female representation at the IIT and boosting the morale of girls in his institute, there never is a moment when we see that happening. A scene or two putting their stories forward would have been so satisfying.

Every season of Kota Factory has been backed by strong writing and powerful dialogues. From Jeevan ka Satya to Dream nahi Aim karo to giving the Hindi code Awesome – (Aushadhi, Swasthya Aur Mummy) to 21 din ki aadat to If you are the smartest in the class, you are in the wrong class! Kota Factory had many powerful moments in these strongly written deep dialogues which leave an impact.

But the third season, lacks in this area with only one dialogue hitting right – Jeet Ki Taiyyari nahi Taiyyari hi Jeet Hai. However, Kota Factory season 3 touches just the tip of the iceberg, hinting at conversations around Kota turning into a factory, students dealing with suicides, students coping with suicidal thoughts, depression, impacts on their families but never arrives on the front with these issues, disappointing big time.

Kota Factory Season 3 Review: Last Words:

Kota Factory season 3 might have a few flaws, but we have learned from Jeetu Bhaiya—weak students ko chhodte nahi hai. This season might have visible cracks on the wall, but it still has its heart in the right place. Jeetu Bhaiya, in the series, puts up a strong fight for his students when one suggests he segregates them into studious and less studious, which is a winning moment for the show.

3.5 stars!

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  1. Kota Factory Season 3 takes us deeper into the struggles of students and their mentor, Jeetu Bhaiya. 📚 While balancing student challenges and teacher struggles, the show delivers some high moments, even if it stumbles occasionally. New characters, Rajesh Kumar and Tilottama Shome, add fresh dynamics, and Ranjan Raj’s performance shines. Mayur More, however, seems to struggle under pressure. Overall, it’s an emotional and insightful season worth watching. 🎥💔


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