Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Review: As if the emotional assault did on you by the superheroes wasn’t enough, just 3 days later these other heroes come and decide to make you a part of another ‘endgame’ in this latest episode. We weren’t ready to choke our breath again, so soon, but it happened & those who came out of this with their sanity intact – read ahead.

The climax of episode second, in a way, tease of what was coming next. Yes, the Winter is here and so are the Whitewalkers. Makers take the first 5 minutes to create the tension, to make us remember yet again that nothing’s predictable when it comes to this show. There will be times forcing you to think elsewise but don’t even go down that route. After all these seasons, one thing we are sure of – nothing happens as we think.


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The first mild shock we get is with the entrance of Melisandre (Carice van Houten), who enters offering a helping hand to the army. Watch to know whether she did what she offered. With a very questionable arrangement of the various armies, the battle starts. Many gets killed, few of them survive but it was the finale of what everyone was waiting for.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Review: As If One Endgame Wasn't Enough To Choke Your Breath!
Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Review: As If One Endgame Wasn’t Enough To Choke Your Breath!

WARNING: Below this, the article contains major spoilers.

We finally get to know who is our Azor Ahai! When the formula of R+L=J (Rhaegar + Lyanna = Jon) was proved true, we knew Jon was Aegon Targaryen. Azor Ahai was the champion predicted to reborn and end the darkness (the Night king). Many of us, with different theories, thought it would be either Jon or Dany. But it’s Game Of Thrones & it’s Arya Stark – the princess that was promised.

We all did miss Littlefinger’s presence in this episode! But even in this absence, he was there! The dagger which was sent by him to kill Bran was used to kill The Night King. This dagger was held by almost every important character & finally, it was used for what it was destined to do.


Finally, Jorah Mormont deserved to be with Dany! He loved her, literally, till the last of his breath. With this, one thing is clear the Nights were just a minute diversion of what all yet is to come. Cersei with Qyburn, Mountain, the Golden Company and Euron Greyjoy is ready to call it a war. After fighting the dead, it’s now the ultimate fight #ForTheThrone.

This was the episode of deaths & here’s a few of them from many –

Jorah Mormont (how can we forget him? Will Dany now realise his love for her?)

Theon (this guy had balls after all!)

Lyanna Mormont (one ‘Goliath’ of a loss)

Melisandre (as she walked away towards the end, it felt bad!)

Lord Beric Dondarrion (he had a purpose & who knew it would be to save Azor Ahai)

Dolorous Edd (saved Sam! Lost himself)

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