Alien Worlds Review
Alien Worlds Is Streaming On Netflix

Alien Worlds Review: Star Rating: 4/5 stars (Four Stars)

Streaming On: Netflix

There are 100 billions of stars in our galaxy and don’t know how many of them are beyond that. Around our very beloved star, Sun and on our beloved planet, Earth, we humans are living a very peaceful and abundant life. A lot of times the question drops in mind, “Are we alone in this gigantic universe?” And there is enough number of theories to suggest that we are not.

We all have heard innumerable theories about aliens while growing up. Hollywood hasn’t left any stone unturned to explore the topic and tell us what may or will happen if one day they decide to drop on our planet. Leading space organisations like NASA as well are always trying to find the presence of aliens around us and to make contact with them.

Alien Worlds Review: What’s It About?

Alien Worlds is the latest Netflix docu-series which imagines life on 4 exoplanets Atlas, Jenus, Eden & Terra by applying the laws of Earth. It’s simple. It’s too wild to think that among the countless of planets and exoplanets, life is possible only on Earth.

Alien Worlds takes you on an informative journey where a bunch of astronomy professionals tell you how life may look like on the exoplanets mentioned above.

Alien Worlds Review: What Works?

Many of us have grown up watching wildlife and nature-based documentaries. Alien Worlds take that to next level as he introduces to the possible life on Atlas, Jenus, Eden & Terra. All the exoplanets have an extremely different atmosphere from Earth and from each other. It, in fact, looks like life can’t exist there. But yes it exists and so does the GAME OF SURVIVAL.

Alien Worlds’ exoplanets don’t just introduce you to the possible life and species but also talks about the life cycle, predators and survivals among the challenges.

The very fact that life can exist even in the given tough situations intrigues you and makes you think beyond your horizon. It tells you about the creativity of the supreme power which has built everything. To know how life adapts itself and flourishes in (high gravity, all sun, all dark and many other situations) breaks the barriers of mind and gives you an experience of its kind.

There are several awe-inspiring moments and several shocking ones as well which keep you glued to Alien Worlds.

Then the docu-series is not too long. It has 4 episodes and each one of 40 minutes approx duration. Each episode is an example of sheer knowledge and the most important thing is that it’s crisp and doesn’t waste the viewer’s time in any way.

Alien Worlds Review
Alien Worlds Imagines How Life Would Look Like At Exoplanets

Alien Worlds Review: What Doesn’t Work?

Nothing really. Perhaps, the only complaint I’ve with Alien Worlds is that it doesn’t introduce you to species like human beings in exoplanets. While it has shown the presence of super-intelligent beings on an exoplanet like Terra, the viewers may feel disheartened to not see any human being like alien in ‘Alien Worlds’

Alien Worlds Review: Final Verdict

Overall, Alien Worlds is a delicious watch. The new Netflix sci-fi and nature docu-series is a treat for space nerds and shouldn’t be missed at all.

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