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Dark 7 White Review: Sumeet Vyas Led Show Is A Gripping Thriller But Has Some Major Problems (Pic credit – ALTBalaji )

Dark 7 White Review: Star Cast: Sumeet Vyas, Jatin Sarna, Monica Chaudhary, Taniya Kalra, Kunj Anand, Shekhar Chowdhary, Rachit Bahal, Nidhi Singh, Sanjay Batra, Ssanjay Swaraj

Director: Sattwik Mohanty, Preya Hirji

Genre: Crime

Streaming On: Zee5 & ALTBalaji

Dark 7 White Review: What’s The Story? And How’s The Screenplay?

Yudhveer Singh aka Yudi (Sumeet Vyas) is the upcoming CM of Rajasthan. His dream of being the youngest Chief Minister comes to an abrupt end when he is killed right in front of the public. His 7 closest friends are the suspects because each one of them has a strong motive for it. Abhimanyu Singh (Jatin Sarna) is the cop investigating the case.

But will he be able to find out the murderer?

Pranjal Saxena, Shashank Kunwar, Mohinder Pratap Singh & Mayuri Roychoudhury have written a story which has many layers and twists to it. But the screenplay takes its time to pick up.

The show starts on a promising note but soon starts losing the grip. However, it again starts picking up from 4th episode and picks up the momentum well from 5th one. As it proceeds towards the finale, it manages to get hold of the viewers very well because from that point there’s enough content to keep you hooked. Not just the motives of his friends behind Yudi’s murder keep you engaged, but the manipulative ways of him also leave you spellbound.

I must say that writers have done a good job in writing the character of Yudi. It has its shades of dark and as you get to know him more you feel much more involved in the proceedings then you ever were before.

The climax is good and unpredictable. “Expect the unexpected.” Music is good and the Rajasthani songs add to the value.

But there are some major negative points as well. In the whole show, there’s more than required use of cuss language. A lot of times it looked forced which took away the value instead of creating it. The dialogues are childish especially the ones given to Sumeet Vyas for narration. While they are meant to make the narration gripping and exciting, instead they prove to be a big turn off. As a viewer, you feel like a child who is being spoon-fed everything. It’s like watching a reaction video in which Sumeet is reacting to his own story.

I’ll like to mention Sacred Games here. The writers of Dark 7 White have made Sumeet do something similar to what Nawazuddin Siddiqui did in the above-mentioned show but the way both of them did have a huge difference.

And then the hairstyle that has been given to younger Yudi is as lame as it gets. Use of a wig is fine but at least put some heart in looking for a good one. It was so painful to see how a handsome actor like Sumeet Vyas was made to look like a man who doesn’t even comb his hair properly. There wasn’t even a reason to do that. Yudi in his college days has been shown as a girl magnet who is also a royal. But instead, he comes across an untidy guy who doesn’t even know how to manage his long hair. And what was that Yudi theme song? Irritating! Background music works only in parts.

Dark 7 White Review: How Are The Performances & Direction?

Dark 7 White Poster
Dark 7 White Is Streaming On Zee5 & ALTBalaji (Pic credit – ALTBalaji )

The show is strong on the performances and direction part.

Sumeet Vyas as Yudi fluctuates from good to very good but not on the top of his form. His act and character in some parts remind you of Akshay Kumar in Khiladi 420. Now if that’s a good thing or not, I’ll leave up to you to decide.

Jatin Sarna amazes as the cop Abhimanyu Singh and is a treat to watch. He breaks his Sacred Games’ image of Bunty so effortlessly and that’s what made me so proud of the actor in him.

Kunj Anand lends a fine performance and so does Taniya Kalra. Monica Chaudhary is decent. Nidhi Singh gets a limited role and I hope there was more of her in Dark 7 White.

Sattwik Mohanty & Preya Hirji’s direction is apt. Nothing extraordinary but good. Though I felt a bit disappointed with the cinematography of Sandeep Yadav. His camera couldn’t capture the beauty of Jaipur entirely.

Dark 7 White Review: Final Verdict

Overall, Dark 7 White is watchable for its layered storyline, suspense, climax and performances. But it’s far from an excellent show. It has 10 episodes of around 20 minutes duration. So it’s binge-watch worthy.

Rating: Two & Half Stars

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