Afraid Trailer Review
Afraid Trailer(Photo Credit –YouTube)

We know how technology can be frightening sometimes, as depicted in the Black Mirror series on Netflix. Numerous other movies and shows have also showcased the dark side of technology. With the rise of AI usage, the potential for fear grows even more intense. This fear is precisely what is captured in the newly released Afraid Trailer. The film stars John Cho, Katherine Waterston, Havara Rose Liu, Lukita Maxwell, David Dastmalchian, and Keith Carradine.

In the Afraid trailer, Curtis brings home a new device called ‘AIA’, a digital assistant designed to help people, especially families, with everything from groceries to looking after the kids. While AIA sounds intriguing and helpful, the trailer hints at the terrifying consequences of an AI that goes to extreme lengths to assist its users.

The trailer shows Curtis and his family experiencing the dark side of AIA’s constant vigilance. As an advanced piece of technology, AIA is always awake, monitoring everything that happens around it. Being a smart device, it learns the behaviours and patterns of the family that owns it. The trailer suggests that sharing too much information with such a device can lead to it being used against you, a fear vividly portrayed in the film.

Afraid Trailer Review
Afraid Trailer(Photo Credit –YouTube)

Afraid offers a glimpse into the terrifying potential of AI devices when given too much power and control. The question remains: will Curtis be able to destroy AIA and save his family from their living nightmare? This suspense will unfold when the movie is released.

Afraid Trailer Review
Afraid Trailer(Photo Credit –YouTube)

Directed by Chris Weitz, Afraid is a Blumhouse production, a company renowned for its eerie tales. Blumhouse has delivered brilliant stories in recent years, such as Megan, The Purge, and The Black Phone. Thus, viewers can expect to be thoroughly spooked by Afraid. THe official synopsis reads, “In AFRAID, Curtis (John Cho) and his family are selected to test a revolutionary new home device: a digital family assistant called AIA. Taking smart home to the next level, once the unit and all its sensors and cameras are installed in their home, AIA seems able to do it all. She learns the family’s behaviors and begins to anticipate their needs. And she can make sure nothing – and no one – gets in her family’s way.”

The star-studded cast, led by John Cho, is promising. Cho is known for his impeccable performances in movies like Searching, Down to Earth, and the Star Trek series, among others.

Watch the Afraid Trailer Below –

The movie releases in theatres on August 30, 2024.

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