The Fakir Of Venice Movie Review Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and half stars)

Star Cast: Farhan Akhtar, Annu Kapoor

Director: Anand Surapur

The Fakir Of Venice Movie Review
The Fakir Of Venice Movie Review: An Antidote To The ‘Visit Europe’ Temptation Created By Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

What’s Good: It finally released! Superlative performances by the leads and even after a decade, the concept is fresh.

What’s Bad: It finally released in theatres! Its concept never gets the backing of strong writing and supporting cast performances.

Loo Break: As they roam around on the streets of Venice, you’ll roam around the corridor of your cinema hall for a break!

Watch or Not?: If you’re okay with a slow film (in parts) and good performances, you can give it a try on digital. In theatres, a strict no!


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Adi Contractor (Farhan Akhtar), a man with weird jobs, is seen smuggling a Monkey for a Hollywood film crew across the border. He’s the man people look at to achieve their outlandish needs like requiring a Pink Elephant. He gets connected to an Italian museum who are looking for a Fakir (a Holy man) from India. They want a Fakir who can bury himself in the sand for a 7-day exhibition happening in their gallery. Ari tries to look out for one in Benaras but fails to find someone of his standards.

He then approaches a small time casting guy, whose common response to everything in life is ‘ho jaayega’ (done deal). A guy can ask him, “I know you aren’t gay, but I want to sleep with you” and he’ll say ‘ho jaayega’. So with his help, Adi meets Sattar (Annu Kapoor), who is a small-time painter of buildings, hoardings. Sattar, on Juhu beach, used to perform his sand burial for a living and that’s the reason why he gets tracked. Adi leaves for Venice with this con Fakir and there awaits a lot of unplanned hurdles.

The Fakir Of Venice Movie Review
The Fakir Of Venice Movie Review: An Antidote To The ‘Visit Europe’ Temptation Created By Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

The Fakir Of Venice Movie Review: Script Analysis

The story is inspired by real-life incidents from Homi Adajania’s (Director: Cocktail, Finding Fanny) life. For most of the time, there is no motive to what’s happening on screen. Yes, I understand they want to show about this man who cares only for money, using someone who’s a very ordinary human being with minimal aims in life. But, what I don’t understand is, why not use strong writing to show that?

The film is funny in parts but rest of the parts are just plain bore. The entire narration relies on two strong performances and a very weak story. A great majority of the film is in English and it’s all set to be labelled as ‘Europian Cinema’. Yes, it will be a harmless watch on digital platforms but to surely a bad move to give it a theatrical release. Rajesh Devraj’s screenplay is erratic and at very much fault here. Given the situations in the film, there was a room of good & hilarious dialogues. But the film remains an opportunity wasted till the end.

The Fakir Of Venice Movie Review: Star Performance

Farhan Akhtar shot this film before this debut in 2008 with Rock On. The movie looks dated from its presentation but thankfully has no glitch in the screenplay which reminds you that it’s an old film. Farhan is subtle as Adi Contractor (in real life: Homi Adajania) and there was nothing more to ask from him because of the tedious writing.

Annu Kapoor shines brightly as he underplays himself as Sattar. The little pauses as he talks come across naturally and here’s where he scores the brownie points. He has a couple of brilliant sequences where he just excels himself. As far as the ladies of the movie are concerned, Kamal Sidhu and Valentina Carnelutti get no scope whatsoever. The weak supporting cast is also one of the major reasons why it couldn’t live up to the expectations.

The Fakir Of Venice Movie Review: Direction, Music

Anand Surapur’s clumsy direction makes things more difficult to hold on the screen. Very abrupt usage of green-screens also catches your attention for all the wrong things. Censor of various abusive words just deteriorates the already average watching experience.

A.R.Rahman’s music is no big deal here. The theme music of the film is nice but its placement is too abrupt and for no reason, its volume is very low when it comes. There are no songs in the film apart from the post-credits one.

The Fakir Of Venice Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, The Fakir Of Venice is a story aimlessly roaming on the streets of Venice. Good performances never make a good movie and this movie is yet another proof of it. Wait for the digital release, watch it on a lazy Sunday and you’ll not regret as much.

Two stars!

The Fakir Of Venice Trailer

The Fakir Of Venice releases on 8th February, 2019.


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