Thappad Movie Review Rating: 4/5 Stars (Four stars)

Star Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Kumud Mishra, Pavail Gulati, Ratna Pathak Shah, Geetika Vidya, Tanvi Azmi, Dia Mirza, Maya Sarao

Director: Anubhav Sinha

Thappad Movie Review: It Helps You To Become A Better Version Of Yourself
Thappad Movie Review: It Helps You To Become A Better Version Of Yourself

What’s Good: Despite being a writing-heavy film, it never crosses the line being over-dramatic, performances making the tough point easier for you to understand

What’s Bad: It stands at 140 minutes & could’ve easily been in the 2-hour zone.

Loo Break: You might need one during the interval because of the heavy after-impact.

Watch or Not?: This is for every man out there, watch it for the women you love.

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Amrita (Taapsee Pannu) is just another housewife who’s living her family’s dreams. Her husband Vikram (Pavail Gulati) is just another husband who is stuck between what should be done and what he does. A focused businessman, Vikram is a loving husband to Amrita and they both plan to shift to the UK after his promotion.

Everything is hunky-dory until when Vikram slaps Amrita during the heat of a moment in between a house-party. For Amrita, the intensity of that one slap goes deeper than one can imagine. She decides to call it quits facing various point-of-views from different people around her. What does she do and why she takes such a huge decision because of a slap, that’s what you’ll learn on watching.

Thappad Movie Review: It Helps You To Become A Better Version Of Yourself
Thappad Movie Review: It Helps You To Become A Better Version Of Yourself

Thappad Movie Review: Script Analysis

If you’re into such kind of movies, the first exciting thing about it for you should be able to understand how the makers have made a feature film around the idea of a short film. Sinha plays with your mind as he teases you with something else and serves you with something else. If you’re religiously into the film, you’ll get out as a better version of yourself.

Even if you’re pretty settled by yourself in life, the script questions the last bit of patriarch in you. Because of being verbose at its basic nature, you might lose the flow carried forward from a previous scene. It’s a heavy film for your heart as well as your brain.

Thappad Movie Review: Star Performance

In Taapsee Pannu’s own words, “To bring a change this society, let me do my job & you do yours.” This is what she’s doing, nailing what she does the best. A borderline performance neatly balanced by Taapsee. It’s only so little to ‘talk’ about what she does because you really need to see it to feel it.

With every character to his filmography, Kumud Mishra has convinced that he can be anyone. He plays around with the innocence of his character so sweetly, one can never believe he’s not like that in real life too. Pavail Gulati stands tall in front of the behemoth of the performers around. A little bit of playing with the expressions should’ve been an added bonus.

To understand what Ratna Pathak Shah can do to a character, just remember her performances from Sarabhai and Kapoor & Sons. She was a mother in both and now see Thappad. She’s unmatchable when it comes to the emotional sequences.

Amongst a lot of things I loved about the film, Geetika Vidya’s earnest performance will be the first thing to come to my mind years later when we discuss it. She takes a very simple written character to another level just by the sheer dedication towards portraying it. More than leading the scenes, Tanvi Azmi beautifully supports the scenes she’s in.

Yet another natural charmer, Dia Mirza ticks every correct box of being someone who just shines up the frame with her presence. Apart from looking smoking-hot, Maya Sarao delivers an astute performance. Naila Grewal as Swati is as real as it can get. Her effortless presence makes you relate to her character in the blink of an eye.

Thappad Movie Review: Direction, Music

Anubhav Sinha agreed on adapting the serenity from some Iranian, Turkish films but he never falls for the trap. He leads the film as a conversion he’s trying to have with the audience. He had every chance to intellectualize the film but thankfully it’s a soothing affair.

There’s just one song ‘Ek Tukda Dhoop’ which is a perfect match for the film. The lyrics just helps it to fit in well to the narrative and continue the dialogue. Mangesh Dhakde’s backgrounds score is subtly impactful.

Thappad Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, the impact left by this ‘Thappad’ is eternal. It questions a social stigma that’s bothering around 80% of the women, leaving us men think of what are we even doing? A riveting watch!

Four stars!

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Thappad releases on 28th February 2020.

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